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Fall 2008

Extended reach expands possibilities

Colorado feed distributor swaps forklift for a V417 telescopic tool carrier


A V417 easily unloads palletized material from a semi-trailer at Parker Feed.

The newest VersaHandler® telescopic tool carrier is already paying dividends for Parker Feed, a diversified, family-owned feed store, serving the residents of Parker, Colo. Tom Schacht and his father, Herman, have learned how resourceful their new V417 is after it replaced a nearly 30-year-old forklift.

Tom Schacht admits that he was a little hesitant to operate the V417 when he first saw it because he was comfortable driving forklifts to unload feed from semi-trailers.

“After I drove the V417 for a few days and unloaded some semis, I really started to like it,” he says. “The flexibility of the boom extension enables us to reach the first six pallets without having to use a pallet jack or a drag chain. I extend the boom, and with the pallet fork attachment, I can reach into the semi and lift and unload pallets of shavings out of the truck.”

With a maximum reach of 10 feet, Tom can easily unload pallets weighing 2,000 pounds. He controls the boom and attachment functions with a hydraulic joystick from inside the cab.

“We previously drove on one side of the semi-trailer to unload a few pallets, and then drove to the other side to unload some more,” he says. “With the V417, we only had to unload from one side. We extended the boom, reached the pallets, and unloaded them. Instead of taking 45 minutes, it only took 20 because we were working from one side.”

One of the biggest differences between a forklift and V417 is the cab enclosure. “We really like the enclosed cab with air conditioning — what a difference from operating in the heat all day,” he says. “I don’t get fatigued like I did sitting in the forklift.”

Bob-Tach system is standard

Schacht says that changing from his one-yard, general-purpose bucket to the pallet fork is simple because of the Bob-Tach™ attachment mounting system. The V417 is the first VersaHandler telescopic tool carrier that has this popular feature — something that is standard on Bobcat loaders. Select attachments for large-frame compact loaders are approved for use with the V417, which makes it popular among customers who already own Bobcat loaders.

This was the first Bobcat purchase for the Schacht family. “We know a lot of people, including landscape contractors and fence builders, who use Bobcat equipment and they really like their machines,” Tom says. “That played a big part in our decision to buy the V417 from Bobcat of the Rockies.”

The V417 is rapidly changing the way the Schacht family operates its feed store, improving processes that previously took more time with less flexibility.

V417 Quick Specs

  • 4,400-pound maximum lift capacity
  • Max reach: 10 feet 4 inches
  • Max lift height: 17 feet 2 inches
  • Width: 72.4 inches
  • Cab height: 78.1 inches
  • Length: 156.8 inches
  • 75-horsepower, turbocharged diesel engine
  • Automotive-style controls
  • Roomy cab
  • Easy cab entry and exit
  • Single control joystick
  • Three steering modes: front-wheel, four-wheel and crab

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