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Fall 2008

Hobby farmers’ investment reaps big rewards

Bobcat CT120 compact tractor and implements replace hand work done by acreage owners


Time to complete routine chores takes a fraction of the time for Sally Day-Palmer with a new Bobcat CT120 compact tractor.

Nestled among Ponderosa pine trees in the old Gold Rush area of Brownsville, Calif., are 10 acres that belong to two middle school teachers. For the past 22 years, Joe Palmer and his wife, Sally, have enjoyed rural living, spending their days teaching middle school students, and nights and weekends knocking out chores.

A new Bobcat® CT120 compact tractor and attachments are changing their lives and giving Joe and Sally more free time to relax and enjoy their property.

A postcard with information about the new Bobcat compact tractors appearing at a home and garden show arrived in the mail last winter. Joe and Sally attended the show and immediately knew they needed the Bobcat tractor and implements for their property.

“Before we had our Bobcat tractor, we did everything by hand with a wheelbarrow and shovel, and it was getting to be too much for us,” Joe says. “We selected the Bobcat model because it had lights, an easy-to-use seat belt, and the engine shuts down when we leave the seat. Our salesman from Bobcat West even came to our home and added a sunshade for us.”

Bobcat tractor lends a hand with raising cattle

Among the couple’s hobbies are raising mini Angus cattle. They currently have four with two more on the way in January 2009.

“We’re using the tractor and auger implement to finish the sides of the corral to have a nice, safe place for the cows during the winter, particularly since two will be calving in January,” Joe says.

For the amount of land that we have, the CT120 is ideal for us. It does everything we needed it to, and more!

The 20-horesepower CT120 has cut back on some of the most strenuous responsibilities for Joe and Sally, including cleaning the cow corral. “Before we bought the tractor, Sally spent up to a week mucking out the corral,” he says. “I cleaned it in less than four hours with the tractor.

“We use the CT120 to move rocks, spread gravel in our circular driveway, lift and carry trees for firewood in the winter, and dig postholes — with an auger implement — to put up a crossfence on our property,” Joe says. “The box blade implement helped us grade about two acres that we want to civilize for a front and back yard.”

Fires are an ongoing concern for Joe and Sally, living in the foothills and their close proximity to many of the surrounding forests. Joe plans to clear brush to create firebreaks around his property with the Bobcat tractor when the conditions will permit it. A spark arrestor muffler is standard safety equipment on Bobcat compact tractors.

“For the amount of land that we have, the CT120 is ideal for us,” he says. “It does everything we needed it to, and more!”

While Joe and Sally may not have struck actual gold in the area that once drew hundreds of thousands of forty-niners, the Palmers have found something just as important to improve the way of life for the 50-something acreage owners — their Bobcat compact tractor.

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