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Bobcatalog 2009

Turn Bobcat equipment into green machines

Bobcat loaders and excavators minimize turf damage and boost profits


Mini track loaders and attachments from Bobcat Company are a landscaper's best friend. This MT55 and trencher prepare for a new irrigation system.

Some people say landscaping is an art. Bobcat gives landscapers the tools they need to create a masterpiece; whether it's renovating a backyard, designing and building a new landscape for a commercial facility or sculpting a new golf course.

Bobcat supplies landscapers with the largest selection of compact machines and attachments to minimize labor costs and get projects done faster. Landscapers gain time and improve profits by mechanizing landscaping activities previously done with shovels and wheelbarrows, increasing efficiency.

Low impact

Bobcat saves landscapers money with machines that minimize ground disturbance and turf damage. The exclusive Bobcat® A300 all-wheel steer loader has four steerable axles and optional turf tires to travel across sensitive surfaces with little impact. Compact track and mini track loaders float across finished lawns with minimal ground pressure, thanks to the rubber track undercarriage. The same holds true for compact excavators: nominal ground disturbance, thanks to the rubber track system.

Yet another option

Bobcat launched its new family of compact tractors and implements in 2008 with nine models, ranging in horsepower from 20 to 50, to match specific needs in the landscaping industry. A deluxe Category 1 three-point hitch makes changing implements fast and easy. Choose from a variety of available implements and attachments, such as box blades for final grades, backhoes for installing ponds or tillers to loosen soil before seeding.

Solutions for professionals

There are a multitude of tasks for Bobcat equipment in landscaping. Here are a few areas where Bobcat machines excel:

  • Land clearing: Remove debris before new plantings are installed.
  • Site preparation: Final grading lots, soil conditioning or tilling.
  • Planting: Use an auger to dig holes, lift and move small trees with a tree fork or relocate trees with a tree spade.
  • Sod/turf installation and repair: Place seed with a seeder attachment; lay sod with the sod layer.
  • Hardscaping: Excavate the area, compact it with a plate compactor attachment, and then pour concrete with a concrete pump. Place boulders with an excavator and rotating grapple.
  • Utility and irrigation installation: Trench or plow in underground irrigation systems or utilities.
  • Snow removal: Choose from several Bobcat snow removal attachments to keep your equipment working through the cold, snowy months.

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