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Bobcatalog 2009

A300 is perfect for many applications

Unique all-wheel steer machine offers two steering modes, low impact


The Bobcat A300 all-wheel steer loader allows operators to select the steering mode that's best for the job.

If you place a premium on versatility, low impact and efficiency, then a Bobcat® all-wheel steer loader could be just what you need. With this revolutionary concept you can choose the type of loader you need by simply switching from one mode to another all-wheel steer or skid-steer. This allows you to use the smooth operation of all-wheel steer or the agility of skid-steer.

The Bobcat all-wheel steer loader is the perfect machine for many applications. Landscapers and nursery owners can use it to minimize ground disturbance when transporting sod, mulch and plants, or driving over pavers. Asphalt and paving contractors will realize a cost savings in tires. Also, an all-wheel steer loader is a cost-effective machine for construction, industrial, utility and municipal applications.

Here's why:

Less ground disturbance. The all-wheel steer loader minimizes turf damage and therefore minimizes expensive and time-consuming tire scuffing repair after the job is complete.

More tire life. Less wear on tires will decrease replacement costs, especially for landscape, construction or asphalt and paving contractors.

Reduced operator fatigue. With state-of-the-art, low-effort joystick controls, a smooth ride, a deluxe cab and excellent all-around visibility, operators will be able to work longer and be more productive.

Increased efficiency. With the choice of two steering modes, operators can choose the one best suited for a particular job. For example, the all-wheel steer mode is more efficient when handling loose materials because it turns more smoothly and minimizes spillage. And with two machines in one, you may be able to downsize your existing equipment fleet. Also, with Speed Management, you can maintain full hydraulic flow and power at a slower travel speed.

For more information about the many benefits of an all-wheel steer loader, visit the all-wheel steer loader page.