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Bobcatalog 2009

Paver installer uses equipment to drive growth

Owner matches Bobcat loaders to meet diverse tasks

Randy Carpenter

Randy Carpenter couldn't be without his Bobcat all-wheel steer loaders because of their heavy-duty lifting abilities and two steering modes.

In Carpenter's experience as owner of the largest paver installation company in the Houston area, only Bobcat® products deliver the performance that produces top-of-the-line results for his fast-growing firm.

Three years before he purchased his first loader, Carpenter began researching equipment options. He wanted a machine that could lift a pallet of pavers off an 18-wheeler, carry it to the work area and get around any obstacles.

"After evaluating all available products, the only skid-steer loader that fit my needs at the time was the Bobcat 873," he recalls. "It had the lifting power and maneuverability to make us instantly more efficient."

Today, Paver Connection continues to rely on a versatile lineup of Bobcat loaders: two A300 all-wheel steer units, a T190 and two T300 compact track machines, and a MT52 mini track loader, all purchased from Bobcat of Houston.

All-wheel steer loader minimizes ground disturbance

The A300 is used to lift and carry pavers, take dirt from the jobsite, and transport base material.

"Much of our work involves going across sensitive surfaces," Carpenter says. "The A300 doesn't leave black marks on concrete and allows us to drive across grass instead of moving materials by hand. It's a very smooth machine."

"Today the company is substantially larger, but since qualified installers are in short supply, we have grown by adding Bobcat equipment." Randy Carpenter

The compact track loaders excavate the site before the pavers are installed. "These machines keep us working in wet conditions," notes Carpenter. "We get to work at least 40 percent more than someone without a track loader. If we get in a situation where the T300s won't fit, we use the T190. When that loader is too big, we turn to the MT52. The track machines do an excellent job of site preparation."

At the company headquarters, located in Katy, Texas, Paver Connection has the nation's largest custom paver display, showcasing more than 100 color and shape samples. As the exclusive installer for dozens of Home Depot stores, Carpenter and his 65 employees stay busy year-round.

"I have fewer members per crew than back in the days when we used wheelbarrows," he says. "Today the company is substantially larger, but since qualified installers are in short supply, we have grown by adding Bobcat equipment. We work the loaders very hard and they hold up well, allowing us to work faster and more efficiently with less labor."

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