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Bobcatalog 2009

Industry-leading compact excavators outperform larger equipment

Smaller, more versatile machines are ideal for earthmoving applications

ZHS excavator

Zero House Swing compact excavators, like the one shown here, provide virtually unrestricted rotation.

It has been more than 20 years since Bobcat Company entered the compact excavator business. Today the Bobcat® line of compact excavators has grown to become the industry's best, offering 11 models with dig depths from 6 to 14 feet; three arm configurations; a choice of conventional, Zero Tail or Zero House Swing; a comfortable cab; an exclusive all-hydrostatic drive system and an exceptional dealer network supporting the product.

Advanced hydraulics

In a market where fuel efficiency is driving customers for continuous cost savings, Bobcat compact excavators offer many advantages over larger earthmoving equipment including tractor loader backhoes. It starts with advanced hydraulic systems that respond to loads with more usable power for faster cycles. Bobcat hydraulic systems combine speed and power to produce industry-leading performance, reducing the time it takes you to complete your tasks.

More horsepower

No other compact excavator brand offers as much engine horsepower as Bobcat excavators for more performance under load. Performance enhancements can be measured in increased slew torque, faster cycle times and maximum auxiliary hydraulic performance for improved attachment performance.

Greater flexibility

Another advantage of Bobcat compact excavators is 360 degrees of continuous rotation to place spoil or load a truck. Other types of equipment — like tractor loader backhoes — are much more limited, requiring machine repositioning and more time to dig, place spoil and backfill. An in-track swing frame gives Bobcat compact excavators an advantage over the competition with swing castings and cylinders that stay within the tracks when offset digging.

Attachments now — do more than dig!

While compact excavators are known for their digging abilities, Bobcat offers 16 attachments to maximize the machine's functionality, minimizing the need for multiple machines on jobsites. Standard equipment on most Bobcat excavators include clamp mounts (integrated into the dipper arm), fingertip controls and quick couplers. Easily change attachments to properly match the tool for the job with the exclusive Bobcat X-Change™ mounting system available on most models. An optional Hydraulic X-Change system simplifies the process even more, for those operators who frequently change attachments.

Panoramic serviceability

Daily maintenance will extend the life of your Bobcat compact excavator. That's why Bobcat makes it easy for you to get access to daily checkpoints with a swing-open tailgate and side access hood — to be sure that maintenance to-dos get done. These openings give you exceptional access to the engine and pump package, valve bank and cooling system, to quickly complete preventive maintenance and minimize equipment downtime.