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Bobcatalog 2009

Contractor endorses Bobcat telescopics

V417 and V723 simplify excavating, grading and loading tasks; snow removal during the winter

John Hall

VersaHandler TTC owner John Hall gets more work done in less time with his Bobcat V417.

Operating multipurpose machines, including V417 and V723 VersaHandler® telescopic tool carriers (TTC), enables John Hall of Plainfield, Ind., to work year-round and minimizes his need for less-efficient construction equipment.

Hall has 40-plus years of experience in the construction industry, focusing on excavating and grading projects at golf courses, schools, horse arenas and athletic facilities. He's seen a lot of equipment during his career, but none as versatile as Bobcat telescopic tool carriers.

"The V417's and V723's extended reach makes it easy for me to load a tri-axle or single-axle dump truck," Hall says. "I don't need to bring extra equipment with me to the jobsite because I do more with the V417 and V723. I save money when I take fewer truckloads to my jobs and do the same job in less time with my Bobcat machines and attachments."

A winning combination

In addition to the V417 and V723, Hall and his son, John Albert Hall, combine two Toolcat™ 5600 utility work machines and attachments. Hall purchased the machines from Bobcat of Indy. "Many of the attachments for the V417 and the Toolcat machines are interchangeable," Hall says.

The Bob-Tach™ attachment mounting system is standard equipment on the V417, and allows for the use of approved selected loader attachments for the V417.

"On one project, we installed 10,000 yards of sod with the VersaHandler TTC and the Toolcat machines," Hall explains. "We did in two hours with the Toolcat 5600 and V417 what previously took us a day and a half."

As his construction season winds down, Hall prepares for snow removal. He is responsible for snow removal at the Indianapolis International Airport where he operates his telescopics underneath Federal Express planes. "I can get underneath a DC-10 airplane and have a foot to spare with my V417," Hall says. "I'll use a snowblower or a snow blade on the front of the V417 to remove snow where my larger machines can't fit.

"One reason why I chose the Bobcat brand is because of the superior visibility and the comfort," he says. "It is critical to see out both sides and behind the machine when we're clearing snow at the airport."

To learn more about VersaHandler telescopic too carriers (TTC) visit the VersaHandler TTC page.