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Bobcatalog 2009

Legacy carries on with compact tractors

Compact equipment innovator serves contractors and homeowners with nine models and implements

Operator comfort

Bobcat compact tractor seats and tilt steering adjust to accommodate operators of all sizes.

Compact tractors from Bobcat Company debuted a year ago and have received accolades from professionals and homeowners alike. Customers in the landscaping, buildings and grounds, agriculture and personal use market segments are reporting that Bobcat compact tractors are improving their productivity and enabling them to complete projects once thought impossible.

Nine Bobcat compact tractor models offer engine horsepower ratings ranging from 21 to 50. Sleek, white hoods cover robust, Tier 4 diesel engines. These compact tractors have hydrostatic transmissions with up to three travel speeds to match the job at hand, while a four-wheel drive system digs into soft and muddy conditions for excellent mobility without sacrificing power. Select from three tire options.

Implements drive success

Whether you're installing a new landscape or simply mowing the grass on your acreage, there is a Bobcat compact tractor suited for your needs. A deluxe Category 1, 33-point hitch —featuring telescopic sway bars and extendable lower links — makes rear implement usage simple. There are many approved Bobcat implements including:

  • Angle blade – 3-point
  • Auger – 3-point
  • Backhoe – 3-point
  • Ballast box – 3-point
  • Box blade – 3-point
  • Finish mower – 3-point
  • Front-end loader (available with Bob-Tach™ system, buckets and pallet forks)
  • Mid-mount mower
  • Rotary cutter – 3-point
  • Snowblower – 3-point
  • Soil cultivator – 3-point
  • Sprayer – 3-point
  • Tiller – 3-point
  • Tine rake – 3-point

Bob-Tach system

Quickly change between a bucket or pallet fork with the Bob-Tach attachment mounting system.

Bob-Tach system available

All Bobcat compact tractors can have the familiar Bob-Tach™ attachment mounting system as an option. Attach a bucket to the front-end loader to lift and carry landscaping materials, or switch to the pallet fork to move brick, sod, hay bales, or other palletized items.

Operator comfort features set Bobcat compact tractors apart from include a suspension seat for a smooth ride, cruise control for ease-of-operation for extended chores, grab handles, debris shields, rubber mats, tilt steering and an integrated loader joystick. Select compact tractors can be outfitted with an enclosed cab with heat and air conditioning, and are radio ready.

Because of its efficiency, you'll spend less time operating your compact tractor. And because of its durable steel design and superior construction, you'll spend less time maintaining it. Get easy access to daily service items by simply lifting the hood. When you need parts and service, or want to rent an implement, visit participating Bobcat compact tractor dealerships.