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Spring 2009

Launching a new generation

Bobcat compact excavators showcase redesigned frame with enhanced performance

E32 excavator

The E32 compact excavator is one of the first M-Series models from Bobcat Company.

A new breed of Bobcat® compact excavators will come alive this spring with the launch of the newest series of earthmoving machines. The latest excavators are completely redesigned after years of engineering, development and testing, and the result is improved reliability, enhanced performance and superior comfort.

Bobcat M-Series compact excavators will be introduced initially with four models — the E32 and E35 — that fall in the popular 3- to 4-ton weight class, and the E60 and E80. This is a change from the previous numbering scheme and now reflects the machine's approximate weight in metric tonnage (E = excavator and 32 = 3.2 metric tons).

Design update

Differences between the previous excavator and the new models are immediately visible. Changes to the excavator house were made to re-balance the excavator's weight and give customers a lighter machine without sacrificing digging or lifting performance. In fact, the excavators have a 10 percent increase in arm breakout force, exceptional lift capacity and more dump height. Customers will still be able to choose between Conventional Tail Swing and Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) to match the machine to their application. The Conventional Tail Swing E32 features up to 45 percent less overhang than the Bobcat 331 compact excavator, while the E35 delivers a true ZTS footprint.

Another noticeable difference is an entirely new hydraulic system — with a load-sensing piston pump and closed center valve — that provides smoother, quieter, more efficient hydraulic operation and gives operators more control of the excavator. Cycle times are refined for smoother operation and improved productivity.

Less noise, more fuel-efficient

A new M-Series auto-idle feature will automatically idle the Bobcat excavator's engine if the joysticks, travel and blade levers remain in neutral for about four seconds. This allows for easier conversations between the operator and co-workers without adjusting the engine dial manually, and it reduces fuel consumption. The engine returns to the pre-set dial position as soon as the operator moves a joystick, blade or travel levers.

Additionally, lower noise and vibration levels have been reached thanks to a new engine and air intake, and cooling and exhaust systems, providing a better working environment for the operator.

Redesigned workgroup

A redesigned workgroup on the new Bobcat M-Series compact excavators lengthens the structural life of the excavator and improves its lifting performance. It accommodates a secondary auxiliary hydraulics option to further expand the excavator's attachment utilization. A long-arm option is available for both the E32 and E35.

Creature comforts

The new M-Series excavators have enhanced cab comforts for improved ride and easy entry and exit, including a cab door that stays within the radius of the machine to avoid damage to an open door when the house turns.

From the moment the operator steps into the cab, it's clear that the M-Series excavators are quite different. The boom swing control is now managed by a thumb switch located on the left joystick, saving valuable floor space. A rotary dial — within easy reach — controls engine speed.

Operators come in all shapes and sizes. That's why new Bobcat M-Series excavators come standard with adjustable armrests. In a matter of a few seconds, the next operator can easily adjust the setting to his or her preference.

Have some extra paperwork or small tools that you want to store in the machine? Additional storage — including a lockable toolbox and console pocket — have been fitted inside the cab to accommodate this frequent customer need.

Panoramic serviceability

Maintaining your compact excavator is critical to its longevity. That's why Bobcat improved on the rear and side covers to allow for simple access to the everyday service areas. A large rear door can be easily lifted to access daily maintenance items. Remember, spending a few minutes doing maintenance every day will pay off in the long run and minimize downtime. The rear door, side hood and fuel fill are lockable, discouraging vandalism.

The new Bobcat M-Series compact excavators will begin arriving at Bobcat dealerships this spring. Contact a sales specialist to find out when they arrive and to schedule an opportunity to test drive a new model to experience the difference for yourself.

Visit the M-Series page to read and see more about the new Bobcat M-Series compact excavators.

M-Series Highlights

Job Friendly: M-Series excavator noise levels will pleasantly surprise you — whether you are in the cab operating or working a jobsite. Operator and bystander noise levels are dramatically reduced, thanks to the M-Series components and packaging.

All-Day Comfort: For some compact excavator operators, the machine's cab is their office for up to 12 hours a day. Bobcat excavator cabs are built for long days at the controls, especially when the job requires precise digging or attachment use (E60/E80 cab shown above).

Outstanding Travel Performance: A new M-Series auto-shift feature when traveling shifts in and out of high range automatically for easier turning and better backfilling performance.

Debris-Shedding Undercarriage: Supporting the M-Series excavator is an all-new X-frame undercarriage that provides increased ground clearance and better debris shedding for easier cleanup. Debris easily passes through the new undercarriage instead of getting caught and falling onto a trailer and, later, onto the roadway.