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Spring 2009

Bobcat V417 blends into contractor's operation

Telescopic complements A300 and utilizes many of the loader's attachments

J.C. Osborn is an example of how purchasing the right equipment — machines that are easy and cost-effective to transport, can perform multiple tasks and can be used with equipment the contractor already owns — can have a positive impact on business.

J.C. Osborn

Attachments that work across multiple carriers help J.C. Osborn keep working while minimizing his overall equipment costs.

Osborn is the owner of Sovereign Construction, a general contractor based in Woodburn, Ind. He purchased a V417 VersaHandler® telescopic tool carrier from Bobcat of Fort Wayne. He transports his V417 on a 24-foot goose-neck trailer with his three-quarter-ton pickup truck. "We haul the V417 using a trailer and pickup truck that we already had," Osborn says. "Being able to transport this machine using equipment we already had meant that we could easily integrate the machine into our operations."

The V417 integrated into Osborn's company another way — the machine uses the loader attachments Osborn already owns. Osborn has a Bobcat® A300 all-wheel steer loader and has purchased many attachments. Like the A300, the V417 has the Bob-Tach™ attachment mounting system. The Bob-Tach system also allows many of the same attachments to be used on both machines if needed.

Attachments drive productivity

Attachments are key to making the V417 and A300 versatile and productive. Sovereign Construction uses attachments on these machines during all phases of a job.

  • Grapple: removes rocks, trees and brush to clear a site at the beginning of a job and also helps remove demolished concrete, which is broken using a hydraulic breaker attachment.
  • Landplane: for grading and leveling work areas.
  • Pallet forks: throughout the construction process, plywood and other materials are unloaded from trucks and moved around the jobsite.
  • Auger: to drill post holes.
  • Buckets: to dig, grade and move dirt, jobsite trash and other materials.

V417 VersaHandler telescopic tool carrier

Now that Sovereign Construction has the V417 in addition to the A300, the crew is able to be more productive on the jobsite because the machines complement each other. Osborn says that he can maneuver the V417 in areas where he couldn't with other telescopic tool carriers. "The all-wheel steer on the V417 allows us to deliver materials to a lot of tight areas," Osborn says. "The crab steer helps us place material right where we want it."

Osborn has even found applications for the V417 off his jobsites. He uses the machine to help a farmer friend move hay bales. "The V417 does just about anything we can think to do with it and moves just about everything," Osborn says.

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