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Spring 2009

Bobcat equipment is integral part of farming family

Skid-steer loaders working on Hissong farm for decades; utility vehicle is newest addition

Ty Hissong

Dependable Bobcat machines have served the Hissong family for three-plus decades. Ty Hissong (above) and his wife Candi can quickly transport people, hay bales and tools with their 2100 utility vehicle.

Like many farmers, Ty Hissong of Troy, Ohio, has roots in his land that go back decades. Hissong lives in the same house where his mother was born, and his family has been raising soybeans, corn, hay and wheat on their farm for three generations.

Another legacy on the farm is Bobcat equipment, which Hissong has been using as long as he can remember. "I've had Bobcat skid-steer loaders since I bought a 630 back in the 1980s," Hissong says. "Once you have a Bobcat loader, you can never do without it."

S150 lends hand at fair

Not only is Hissong a steward of his land, he also takes leadership in his community, serving on the Miami County Fair Board for the last 18 years. In past years, the fair has benefited from the donation of a skid-steer loader from Bobcat of Troy to use during the fair. The fair board realized there was a need to have a loader available year-round and purchased a S150. Impressed with the machine, Hissong decided he wanted one for himself and replaced the 753 he already had.

What makes the S150 so valuable is its versatility. "One of the best things about Bobcat is the attachments they have for the loader," Hissong says. "We own a bucket and pallet fork and have rented hydraulic breakers and landscape rakes when we need them."

Hissong uses the S150 to clean out fence rows, move dirt and do other maintenance tasks around the farm. In the winter, Hissong has a snow removal business and the S150 clears snow from hard-to-reach areas, such as loading docks at industrial facilities. The S150, with a 9-foot-7-inch maximum lift height, is also used to load salt into trucks for ice melting.

Candi Hissong

Candi Hissong

Utility vehicle makes work easier

The local Bobcat dealer also donated utility vehicles to the Miami County Fair, and Hissong's wife, Candi, saw them and decided they needed one on the farm. With buildings and grain bins spread about his property, the 2100 utility vehicle helps move people and tools around. The hitch on the 2100 moves small loads of hay or empty wagons. The dumping cargo bed is a feature that makes the utility vehicle better than a pickup truck. "We'll load tree limbs into the cargo box and can dump them where we want without having to unload them by hand," Hissong says.

The last feature that Hissong says makes the loader and the utility vehicle valuable can't be found on the equipment. "The key to Bobcat is the sales and service staff they treat us very well," Hissong says.

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