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Spring 2009

Calgary landscaper adds Bobcat compact tractor

CT225 specializes in finish grading and seeding

Don Pollo

Landscape contractor Don Pollo says his new Bobcat CT225 compact tractor and implements excel at finish grading applications, and easily handle snow removal.

Don Pollo, the owner of Dirtworks General Contractor, a landscaping company based in Calgary, Alberta, has been in the landscape business on and off for the last 35 years. While he's always had Bobcat skid-steer loaders in his equipment fleet, including an S220 and S70 today, he's never had a tractor. That changed when Pollo purchased a Bobcat CT225 from Bobcat of Calgary in July of 2008.

Pollo visits Bobcat of Calgary regularly and had been thinking about getting a compact tractor. When the machines showed up at the dealership, he decided to purchase one. Pollo wanted a tractor because he works on large landscape projects that require finish grading and seeding; tasks where tractors excel. "Finish grading is a majority of my work, whether it's for concrete or asphalt, or sod and seed," Pollo says. "For this type of grading, there's no better machine than a Bobcat compact tractor."

Fine grading work requires a reliable and consistent machine, and Pollo says the tractor gives him precise control. "It's a one-pass type of machine, and you don't find that for finishing," he says.

Many of Pollo's jobsites are major park areas, roadsides, acreage lots, or bigger areas where seeding is done instead of sod. Often, these sites are up to 20 or 30 acres, which is another reason Pollo wanted a tractor, since the machine will cover this amount of ground faster than other types of equipment.

"For this type of grading, there's no better machine than a Bobcat compact tractor." Don Pollo

Avoid tire tracks

What's more, tractors excel at other equipment because the work is performed behind the machine. When grading is done in front of a machine, tire tracks are left behind, which doesn't leave as good of a finish. "On a tractor, you never have that. You have a nice finished landscape behind you when you use the box blade," Pollo says.

Pollo isn't just using his tractor at his jobsites. He's also found the tractor is a handy tool around home. "We have a 1-acre lot of grass at our home," Pollo says. "With this tractor and three-point finish mower, it takes only 10 finish grading and seeding over minutes to mow, where with the garden tractor we had, it was an hour-and-a-half project."

While he hasn't had his tractor long, it's already become a reliable piece of equipment that Pollo enjoys. "You have to go with equipment that works," Pollo says. "This tractor is a good unit, and I've been impressed with it."

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