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Spring 2009

New E35 solves space-restricted jobsite challenges

Zero Tail Swing model replaces Bobcat 430


Bobcat E35 compact excavator

A new E35 compact excavator — with a Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) design — replaces the Bobcat® 430 excavator as part of the M-Series launch. This model is well-suited for anyone working in extremely tight spaces where there is little room to maneuver, and the ZTS design minimizes the chance of damaging objects or the excavator tail as it turns or "slews" to dig, lift or place spoil.

Concerns about sacrificing operator space or serviceability with ZTS excavators just aren't an issue with the new Bobcat M-Series models. Bobcat offers a large operating station that is easy to enter and exit, has ample floor space, good visibility and easy-to-reach controls.

Additional enhancements to the E35 cab include updates to the ventilation system with more vents and better temperature control to improve operator comfort; adjustable armrests that can easily accommodate different operators; more storage, and a redesigned floor area to free up space and make cleaning the excavator cab much easier. All of these improvements will drive home Bobcat Company's commitment to providing the largest, most comfortable operator environment.

"With the structural changes that were made to the E35, we wanted to maintain a machine height that was still under 8 feet to afford operators access to indoor areas," says Tom Connor. "We accomplished that with the redesign, improved on operator comfort, provided a smoother machine, and enhanced operator visibility from inside the cab."


  • Zero Tail Swing
  • Horsepower: 33.3 hp (24,8 kW)
  • Weight: 7560 lb. (3429 kg)
  • Reach at ground level: 17 ft. 2 in. (5,2 m)
  • Dump height: 11 ft. (3,3 m)
  • Width (blade): 70 in. (1750 mm)
  • Travel speeds (low and high): 1.6 mph (2,6 km/hr) and 2.9 mph (4,7 km/hr)
  • Available with long-arm or extendable-arm options
  • X-Change™ attachment mounting system: standard (optional Hydraulic X-Change)
  • Choose from 16 different Bobcat attachments
  • Second auxiliary hydraulics: optional
  • Auto idle
  • Auto shift