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Spring 2009

New excavators bring top-of-the-line features to operators

Longer service intervals and increased operator comfort define new excavators


Bobcat E60 excavator

In addition to the new E32 and E35, Bobcat is expanding its M-Series excavator family with the E60 and E80, with increased operator comfort and longer service hours for optimum productivity. These larger machines top off the Bobcat excavator lineup with exceptional dig depth, reach and dump height to minimize machine repositioning on the jobsite.

Operator Comfort

After entering the cab of the E60 and E80, operators will never think of comfort the same way again. The seat adjustments create an ergonomic work environment specifically suited to the individual. These spacious cabs have a top-of-the-line operator seat that adjusts nine ways.

Super Deluxe Seat

Adjust the operator seat nine different ways in Bobcat E60 and E80 excavators for optimum comfort.

The heating and air conditioning system has automotive-style controls. Just like in a car or truck, a push of a button changes the air movement to one of five different modes. These features have been designed to keep operators who spend many hours in their machines comfortable and productive.

The high-capacity climate-control system has vents in front of and to the rear of the operator, for air movement exactly where it is needed.

A fixed instrument panel on the right side of the cab provides an easy-to-read display for all of the information the operator needs on machine performance.

Longer Service Intervals

Daily greasing of the bushings at the boom, arm and bucket pivot is a thing of the past with the E80 excavator. Normally, this process can take up to 30 minutes of an operator's time each day. Now, that time can be spent working because the service interval for greasing the bushings has been increased from 10 to 250 hours.


Bobcat E80 excavator

Clamp Ready

Each E60 and E80 is delivered clamp-ready for operators who want to quickly and easily add a clamp. Clamps are excellent attachments for grabbing odd-shaped objects such as demolition debris or organic waste and lifting and placing them into containers.

Efficient Power

The E60 and E80 have Tier-compliant engines that provide optimum power for even the toughest applications. The engine control system has an auto-idle feature, reducing fuel consumption when the excavator is not working. Engine rpm is controlled electronically to use only as much engine power as is necessary for the application. The quiet operation of the engine is also a benefit, as many cities and work areas are becoming more sensitive to construction noise.

Visit the M-Series page for more information on the features of the E60 and E80 excavators.

E60 Highlights

  • Zero Tail Swing
  • Horsepower: 50 hp (37,3 kW)
  • Weight: 13556 lb. (6149 kg)
  • Dig depth: 13 ft. 7 in. (4 m)
  • Reach at ground level: 21 ft. 4 in. (6,5 m)
  • Dump height: 13 ft. 6 in. (4,1 m)
  • Width (blade): 78 in. (1980 mm)
  • Travel speeds (low and high): 1.3 mph (2 km/hr) and 2.2 mph (3,9 km/hr)

E80 Highlights

  • Zero Tail Swing
  • Horsepower: 54.2 hp (40,4 kW)
  • Weight: 18689 lb. (8477 kg)
  • Dig depth: 15 ft. 6 in. (4,6 m)
  • Reach at ground level: 24 ft. 5 in. (7,4 m)
  • Dump height: 16 ft. 4 in. (5 m)
  • Width (blade): 91 in. (2300 mm)
  • Travel speeds (low and high): 1.8 mph (2,9 km/hr) and 2.8 mph (4,6 km/hr)