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Summer 2009

Utility Vehicles Help Maintain Special Property

A pair of Bobcat 2200 4x4 machines ideal for ocean beach environment

Chris Egan

Bobcat utility vehicles are the machine of choice for the superintendent of the Martha's Vineyard property, Chris Egan, because of their toughness and durability.

Maintaining property that ranges from ocean beaches to mature hardwood forests can be a challenge. For the Trustees of Reservations staff on Martha's Vineyard island, the job is easier with the right equipment — a pair of Bobcat® 2200 utility vehicles.

The Trustees of Reservations is a non-profit, private land trust that manages 25,000 acres of land throughout Massachusetts. This unique organization preserves and maintains 99 properties of exceptional scenic, historic and ecological value for the use and enjoyment of the public.

One of those locations is Martha's Vineyard, a 100-square-mile island about seven miles off the coast south of Boston. Tourism is the major industry on the island with up to 100,000 residents in the summer.

Most of the property owned and managed by the Trustees in the Martha's Vineyard region is along the coast. To help maintain the 16-mile beach area and to transport personnel and patrol the area, Chris Egan and his staff rely on two Bobcat 2200s. Egan is the superintendent of the Martha's Vineyard property.

"When it came time to replace the similar type of machines we previously used, we looked at a variety of options and decided the 4x4 2200s were best for our circumstances," Egan says.

He lists some of the considerations:

  • Versatile carrier. "We needed something that we could use to move staff around, for patrols and to carry supplies for maintenance. Features of the 2200s — such as excellent maneuverability, dumping cargo box, good suspension system for driver and passenger comfort, easy entry and exit, ample leg room and simple, easy-to-use controls — were a good fit for us."
  • Sturdy frame. "Working in a salt environment caused our previous vehicles to rust out very quickly, resulting in broken suspension systems. The allaluminum frame of the Bobcat machines should provide extended vehicle life."
  • Access to service. "Bobcat of Cape Cod is the closest equipment dealer to the island. That's great for us."

In addition, the 2200s are equipped with the diesel engine option, which the organization already has available for its Bobcat S250 skid-steer loader. "And, compared to other machines, the 2200s are quieter," Egan says. He also points out that the utility vehicles are rugged. "While they are mainly used along the beach, we've used them in the heavily wooded northern portion of the island. When some of our trails washed out last year, we delivered gravel and fence posts to the area in the 2200s. They proved to be tough and durable."

The Trustees of Reservations, like other buildings and grounds specialists, have come to depend on Bobcat utility vehicles to help them meet their daily demands while minimizing operating and maintenance costs.

Visit the utility vehicle page to learn more about the benefits of Bobcat utility vehicles. Even design your very own equipment package with the online Build-and-Quote option.