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Summer 2009

Compact Tractor Helps Landscaper Move Forward

20-year-old uses CT235 and attachments to build his reputation

Buying a Bobcat® compact tractor turned out to be a very good decision for Zach Healy as he moved from being a high school student with a truck, lawn mower and some tools, to operating a full-time landscape design-and-build business at age 20.

"The compact tractor was a very cost-effective way for a young person like myself to get started in the business," says Healy, owner of Zachary J. Healy Landscape Services, Clayton, N.Y. "With all the available implements, I can market myself in many different ways. I should be able to use the CT235 as my main machine for some time before I have to add larger equipment."

A Bobcat CT235 compact tractor and implements gives Zach Healy the tools he needs to help grow his landscape business.

A Bobcat CT235 compact tractor and implements gives Zach Healy the tools he needs to help grow his landscape business.

Healy has been around Bobcat equipment all his life. His father, John, who operates R.J. Healy Construction, uses an 863 loader and several attachments.

"I have always been a big fan of Bobcat equipment," Healy says. "When I heard the company was introducing a line of compact tractors, I went right to my local dealer, Bobcat of Watertown (N.Y.) to check them out. I was looking at other compact tractor models at the time as well. After testing every one I could find, I decided the Bobcat brand had the features that were most important to me (size, hydrostatic drive, suspension seat, tilt steering wheel, backhoe availability) and an affordable price with good financing. Some other machines were more expensive, but Bobcat was the best."

Healy provides year-round service, including spring and fall cleanup, mowing, fertilizing, planting, designing and building.

"The CT235 and implements allow me to tackle just about any job," he says. "For example, with the box blade I can offer grading services, such as installing driveways and lawns. The backhoe enables me to plant trees, trench and install retaining walls, among other things. I have been surprised at the power of the backhoe; it has a lot more power than I thought it would have. It's just as tough and rugged as some of the excavators I used to rent."

From start to finish

Healy used his compact tractor and implements to tackle his first big design and installation project — from start to finish. "The job was twice as big as anything I've ever done," he says.

Healy designed a complete landscaping plan for a new riverfront home located on the road out to Tibbetts Point Lighthouse. Using only his Bobcat compact tractor and attachments, he installed a fully landscaped front yard with paver walkways, big granite steps and stone walls. With the backhoe attachment he worked in very hard clay soil to dig the base for the walkways and to plant large rootball trees. He expects this project, located on a heavily traveled road, to showcase his talent and workmanship.

"I always put up my sign where I work and further promote the business with the company name on the side of all my equipment and on the shirts we wear," Healy says. "Operating Bobcat equipment certainly helps enhance the professional image I want to present."

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