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Fall 2009

New Products

New introductions expand attachment lineup

Grader attachment

Introducing two new heavy-duty grader attachments from Bobcat. Add a laser-guided system and watch your material savings grow.

Heavy-duty grader attachments

Bobcat now offers two additional grader attachments for larger and more powerful loaders. New 96-inch and 108-inch grader attachments move six ways and are approved for use on Bobcat® S300 and S330 skid-steer loaders; the exclusive A300 all-wheel steer loader; and the T250, T300 and T320 compact track loaders, as well as the all-new T650 compact track loader model.

Grader attachments offer an economical alternative to dozers and an efficient method of spreading and grading material for roads, parking lots, buildings, sports fields and lawns. Combined with a Bobcat loader, a heavy-duty grader will move as much material as a small, dedicated dozer. Add the Bobcat laser-control system to grade material to within ± 0.25-inch of the desired grade.

Additional features:
  • Hydraulic side-shift: moves the blade as much as 13 inches to the left or right for easier grading near obstacles.
  • Proportional hydraulic valve: provides three speeds at which the moldboard is raised or lowered. This ensures the operation is more closely matched to the loader's speed.
  • Front bolster: oscillates 12 degrees left or right to minimize the effects of uneven ground on blade adjustment.
  • Bolt-on end-wing kit: turn the grader into a box blade and carry more material when doing fine grading.

Visit the grader page to see photos and watch videos of the Bobcat grader attachments.

T630 with vibratory roller

Bobcat vibratory roller attachments can quickly compact a variety of soils. Choose from five models with padded or smooth drum options. Shown here with the new M-Series T630 compact track loader

Vibratory rollers redesigned

Choose from five Bobcat vibratory roller attachments to complete compaction projects. Sizes range from 48 to 80 inches in width. Bobcat is the only manufacturer with a smooth drum kit for padded drum models, providing two types of compaction from one attachment. Choose either the padded or smooth option to easily compact asphalt, sand, gravel or clay.

  • 48-inch and 73-inch models have both options.
  • 80-inch model is available with smooth drum only.
Additional features:
  • Bobcat vibratory roller attachments have the highest dynamic force to quickly compact material, and they feature the industry's lowest vibration in the cab to keep the operator comfortable.
  • A new design promotes low maintenance with bearings mounted in an oil bath. Change the oil just once per year.

Visit the roller page to find more specs, see photos or watch videos of the new Bobcat roller attachments.

More attachments and implements for utility products

Snowblower attachment

Choose from three new Bobcat snowblower models for compact tractors, with widths of 49 to 72 inches.

Front-mounted snowblowers

There's a new option for compact tractor owners who need to clear snow from driveways, sidewalks or parking lots. Bobcat introduces three new front compact tractor snowblowers for homeowners with acreage, landscapers, or buildings and grounds specialists.

Three models are available for use with select Bobcat compact tractors.

  • 49-inch width: approved for use with CT120, CT122, CT225, CT230 and CT235
  • 62-inch width: approved for use with CT120, CT122, CT225, CT230 and CT235
  • 72-inch width: approved for use with CT225, CT230, CT235, CT335, CT440, CT445 and CT450 (available soon)

Front compact tractor snowblowers require a PTO driveline to power the auger and the fan. A mid PTO located on the underside of the tractor provides this power source for Bobcat compact tractors. In addition, a lift kit is required with the snowblowers. The lift kit mounts to the front of the tractor frame. The snowblower and lift kit are fastened together by two quick-release pins. In less than a minute, you can attach or remove the blower from the lift kit.

Visit the snowblower page for more information.

New three-point hitch implements

Three-point soil conditioner

Bobcat three-point soil conditioner.

Three-point soil conditioners

Whether you need to remove old sod, separate rocks and debris, or grade and level topsoil before new sod or seed is placed, the Bobcat® three-point soil conditioner is the ideal tool to complete these tasks. The soil conditioner is powered by the compact tractor or Toolcat™ 5610 rear PTO.

  • Working widths: 60 inches and 72 inches.
  • Carbide-tipped teeth cultivate the ground for a smooth finish.
  • Drum angle option is available in manual or hydraulic.
  • Removable end plates make it easier to spread material evenly.

Three-point disc harrows

New Bobcat three-point disc harrows can easily break up the soil surface to prepare it for new seedbeds and plantings. Four sets or "gangs" of five 18-inch discs cultivate the soil and chop unwanted debris, such as weeds or old crops. These gangs are adjustable to provide different cutting depths and aggressions.

Three-point disc harrow

Bobcat three-point disc harrow.

These new implements are available for select Bobcat compact tractors and the Toolcat 5610. The soil conditioners and disc harrows are approved for CT225 to CT450 tractors and the 5610. The 72-inch disc harrow is approved for CT225 to CT335 compact tractors and the Toolcat 5610. The 84-inch disc harrow is approved for the CT335 to CT450 models.

Visit the implement page to see more photos and get more specs for these new compact tractor attachments from Bobcat Company.