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Fall 2009

Mark Wanke, E32 Customer

E32 customer feedback

The recession hasn't slowed Mark Wanke of Franklin Construction, San Antonio, Texas. The company recently closed on a construction contract that will keep its crews busy well into 2010. In response to the growing demand, Mark Wanke is adding Bobcat® compact equipment to his fleet.

Wanke has been in the construction business for more than 20 years and has extensive experience with operating Bobcat equipment. The company owns a Bobcat S330 skid-steer loader and a variety of attachments. Rather than hire subcontractors or continue renting compact excavators, Wanke bought one of the first M-Series E32 excavators from Bobcat of San Antonio. He immediately put the machine to use to complete utility sleeving and drainage tasks on multifamily residential construction jobsites.

E32 excavator

When it was time to purchase a compact excavator, Franklin Construction went to the brand they trust most — Bobcat.

When asked about some of the differences between other compact excavators and his new E32, this is what Wanke had to say.

"I noticed right away that the machine runs a lot smoother," he says. He cited the following example of the improved digging performance. "I worked on a project last year where we previously did some excavating, and I dug in the same area with the same general conditions. We're in a heavy drought right now, and the ground dries out and gets very hard. It's almost like digging in rock when we don't have any moisture in the ground. I tried to dig 30 inches deep and the last six inches were really hard to get through and cut. It drained the machine. The E32 cut through it without any problem; it operated a lot smoother."

Auto idle is a big hit

Another benefit of the new E32 that stood out was the auto-idle feature, which automatically idles the engine after four seconds.

"You don't have to turn the throttle down because it automatically does it for you," Wanke says. "Then, it goes right back into the power, where you had it set previously, once you start operating the equipment again." This saves fuel, lowers noise levels, and improves jobsite communication, such as when the operator gets a cell phone call.

Smoother turns while moving

The new auto-shift feature on M-Series excavators was one more perk that Wanke recognized. "When I'm moving in high speed, I don't have to take it out of that mode to make a turn," he says. "The excavator automatically downshifts … I don't have to manually go into the low range."

When asked if he looked at other brands of compact excavators, Wanke said he hadn't because of his good experiences with Bobcat equipment in the past. "We've been happy with our previous Bobcat equipment uses, and I think Bobcat builds the equipment very well. We didn't even look at any other brands when it was time to buy."

QuickLook: Bobcat E32

  • Horsepower: 33.3 hp (24,8 kW)
  • Weight: 7194 lb. (3263 kg)
  • Dig depth: 10 ft. 3 in. (3,1 m)
  • Reach at ground level: 16 ft. 4 in. (4,9 m)
  • Dump height: 11 ft. (3,3 m)
  • Width (blade): 60 in. (1518 mm)
  • Travel speeds (low and high): 1.6 mph (2,6 km/hr) and 2.9 mph (4,7 km/hr)