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Fall 2009

Garry Sparks, E80 Customer

E80 customer feedback

Garry Sparks has been involved in hazardous waste cleanup projects for more than 30 years. Sparks is the owner of Stat Inc., a leading provider of hazardous waste transportation and emergency response services, based out of Lenoir, N.C. He recently purchased a new E80 excavator to replace a 442 and complement his 864 and T300 compact track loaders.

Being on call 24/7 means Sparks needs dependable Bobcat equipment that is ready when authorities contact him with an assignment. Sparks says his Bobcat E80 and a compact track loader are loaded on the same trailer and can be out the door within minutes of receiving a call from authorities.

Garry Sparks

Stat Inc. owner Garry Sparks' E80 is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for hazardous waste cleanup projects. It easily fits with a Bobcat loader on his trailer, waiting for the next assignment.

On assignment

The Bobcat compact track loader and E80 work together to remove hazardous materials after an accident occurs, usually near an interstate highway. Sparks says 90 percent of his assignments are when a tractor-trailer spills its fuel tank, and diesel fuel must be cleaned from the road, shoulder and dirt from an embankment. "We'll take our E80 and T300 compact track loader to the site, dig up the dirt, put it in our dump truck, backfill the area with new dirt and reseed it," he says. He says this can take as long as five hours from start to finish. All of the hazardous dirt is sent away for remediation.

Sparks attaches a Bobcat sweeper to his T300 to pick up sand that's dropped on the pavement after a spill. "The sweeper takes the place of four or five men," he says. "It sweeps the material into the bucket, and I dump it into my truck."

Upgrade from a 442

Sparks says he's pleased with some of the improvements with the new E80. "The E80 is the perfect size for us," he says. "The extra reach makes it easier for us to load trucks on the side of the interstate." Of the minimal tail swing feature, he says, "I've had it in some tight places already, and it's performed flawlessly."

Prior to purchasing Bobcat equipment, Sparks operated a 13-ton excavator to remove hazardous material from spills. "It was too difficult to load and unload in the middle of the night, and I like the rubber tracks on my new E80 because it doesn't tear up the road like steel tracks," he notes.

Excellent dealer support

Sparks says this is the most recent purchase in his long relationship with Bobcat of Lenoir. "My salesman from Bobcat of Lenoir has been one of the best people we've dealt with," he says. "I tried a different compact track loader about three or four years ago and was so dissatisfied, I just about gave it away to get back to Bobcat. I was disgusted because I received minimal dealer support and had warranty issues from the factory." Today, Sparks is happy to stick with a brand name that he can trust.

QuickLook: Bobcat E80

  • Horsepower: 57 hp (42,5 kW)
  • Weight: 18689 lb. (8477 kg)
  • Dig depth: 15 ft. 6 in. (4,6 m)
  • Reach at ground level: 24 ft. 5 in. (7,4 m)
  • Dump height: 16 ft. 4 in. (5 m)
  • Width (blade): 91 in. (2300 mm)
  • Travel speeds (low and high): 1.8 mph (2,9 km/hr) and 2.8 mph (4,6 km/hr)