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Fall 2009

A Bobcat Tandem for Grounds Maintenance Tasks

Private high school turns to Bobcat utility products for day-to-day projects

Omaha's westward population explosion has produced greater demand for more schools, including parochial high schools. In response to the growth, Skutt Catholic High School was constructed and serves approximately 720 students from the Omaha metropolitan area. The school is situated on 52 acres with one groundskeeper and two valuable Bobcat® utility products.

A Bobcat 2200 utility vehicle and CT235 compact tractor make the job of Groundskeeper and Director of Maintenance Mark Newcomer much easier. Newcomer is responsible for all of the buildings and grounds operations at the high school. He depends on the Bobcat equipment to meet his year-round grounds maintenance tasks.

Mark Newcomer

Mark Newcomer is a one-man grounds maintenance expert who relies on a Bobcat 2200 utility vehicle and a CT235 compact tractor to maintain 52 acres of school property.

The school purchased its 2200 three years ago and, according to Newcomer, it has been indispensable. "I use the 2200's cargo bed to transport fertilizer, sod and tools to the ball fields," he says. "The 2200 gets used by everyone — parents, coaches and even students who work with me. It gets worked hard and it's held up great."

Upgrade to a Bobcat tractor

After previously operating a 20-horsepower garden tractor on the school grounds, Newcomer upgraded to a new Bobcat CT235 from Bobcat of Omaha. With a 35-horsepower diesel engine, front-end loader, pallet fork and three-point hitch functionality, Newcomer improved his productivity dramatically from his previous tractor. He can easily unload pallets of material when they're delivered to the school, he can move more material in the loader bucket, and it takes less time to aerate the sports fields.

"We couldn't do much with our old tractor except pull a small trailer behind it," he says. "Previously, dirt work had to be done by hand. Now I'm moving the dirt with the tractor and saving my back."

Newcomer did his homework before he bought the Bobcat tractor, including comparing the model to others in its size class. A couple of key characteristics stood out that pushed Bobcat to the top.

Durability. Uptime is critical for Newcomer. "I'm one guy doing everything out here, and I don't have time if things are breaking down," he says. "I needed something that would hold up and require very little maintenance, and the CT235 meets those needs."

Comfort. Newcomer says the Bobcat tractor is much more comfortable than his old one. He likes the standard adjustable Bobcat suspension seat for a smooth ride, the easy-to-reach controls and ample leg and foot space.

Productivity. "One of the features that I enjoy the most is the cruise control," he says. "Just being able to press a switch and go makes it so easy. We don't have to keep our foot on the pedal anymore when we're aerating in a wide open spot."

Once again, Bobcat utility products have proven to be valuable assets for an educational facility that cannot afford the luxury of multiple employees, large equipment fleets or downtime. Instead, Bobcat machines maximize productivity and minimize costs for schools and their operating budgets.

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