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Fall 2009

Large Snow Removal Contractor Prepares for Winter

Plans include having at least two dozen Bobcat skid-steer loaders ready to work

The summer meetings have been concluded. Plans are in place, the maps are complete, the cameras have been tested and soon the rented equipment will be dropped off at sites throughout the northern half of New Jersey. Seasonal employees and subcontractors are waiting to be called. Steven Jomides is ready for his 20th snow removal season.

Steven Jomides

Steven Jomides is one of the premier snow removal contractors in the Northeast.

Jomides is president of Lawns by Yorkshire, a company that is one of Snow magazine's top-ranked snow removal contractors. During the rest of the year his firm, headquartered in Westwood, N.J., is a major landscaper in the area, providing services such as concept and design, irrigation, tree and shrub planting and extensive property maintenance.

Five Bobcat® skid-steer loaders — S250s, S300s and S330s with enclosed, heated cabs — provide plenty of power for handling landscaping chores. The same machines, plus many more, allow Lawns by Yorkshire to stay on top of its snow removal work.

"We contract with our longtime Bobcat dealer, Bobcat of North Jersey, to rent at least 20 additional loaders for the snow season, Thanksgiving through March," Jomides says. "We wouldn't consider another brand — Bobcat is the best with superior operator comfort, craftsmanship and the company behind the name."

Jomides purchased a 643 loader just after he started his company and has had Bobcat machines for two decades. Through acquisitions of other firms, he inherited a couple of competitive machines. "The other brands didn't measure up to Bobcat," he says. "The operators preferred the Bobcat loaders, and when you factor in dealer support, there was no comparison."

Bobcat loaders

Five Bobcat loaders keep busy during the summer with landscaping projects, and then transition to snow removal in the winter.

In addition to the six loaders he owns and the 20 or more he rents, Jomides uses a variety of Bobcat attachments: snowblowers, snow pushers and snow blades. The loaders are also used to load bulk de-icing products.

At several larger sites, Lawns by Yorkshire has installed remote-controlled cameras that allow the company to keep an eye on equipment and to monitor weather conditions. "The ‘snow cams' enable us to be vigilant and responsive to changing situations," Jomides says.

Jomides says there is no place in his multimillion-dollar snow removal business for unreliable equipment. He has more than 50 regular customers, including large commercial and industrial accounts, and some homeowner associations with several hundred units each.

"Our success is based on good employees and good quality vendors," he says. "Along with our own 25 full-time people, we bring in more than 300 seasonal employees and subcontractors. Many of them have worked for us for years and understand our business."

With the right equipment, a well-defined plan and advanced camera equipment, Lawns by Yorkshire is positioned for another successful snow removal season.

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