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Fall 2009

Asphalt Contractor Keeps 25 New Loaders Busy

100-year-old company decides Bobcat is best buy for long-term success

Although they are used every day, the 25 skid-steer loaders owned by Brooks Construction Company represent less than 5 percent of the cost of the organization's equipment inventory. Nevertheless, the performance of these hard-working machines is closely monitored in order to maximize production and minimize downtime.


One of Brooks Construction's 25 new loaders is paired with a high-flow planer attachment to mill asphalt on a road construction project near Fort Wayne, Ind.

The 100-year-old family-owned business, one of the Midwest's premier highway construction firms and site development contractors, needs all of its equipment on the job in order to meet rigid construction standards and critical deadlines.

"We had Bobcat® loaders for many years, but tried another brand during a period of time when our plan was to turn over the machines every year," says Steve Koble, vice president of operations. "This year, when economic conditions dictated purchasing loaders and keeping them for three to five years, our preference was the Bobcat brand. That's because we knew Bobcat machines would be more reliable over a longer period of time, have less maintenance costs and a higher resale value."

As a result of this decision, Brooks ordered eighteen S185 and three S250 skid-steer loaders and four T190 compact track loaders from Bobcat of Fort Wayne.

Hard-working loaders

While other equipment is used to put down the asphalt, each of the 25 Bobcat loaders, typically with a two-person crew, is a key component in most Brooks Construction jobs.

"There is almost no limit to the variety of work we can do with these machines," Koble says. "We use them to fine grade, and replace hand labor on stone base jobs, sidewalks and patching projects. With our three 40-inch Bobcat high-flow planers we mill around driveways, parking lots and sidewalks. Our 10 Bobcat sweeper attachments are a godsend; we use them for the prep work on resurfacing jobs, cleanup after milling and around our asphalt plants. For pavement removal we use our Bobcat wheel saw. We rent certain Bobcat attachments, including hydraulic breakers and landscape rakes."

The Bobcat loaders often provide another benefit for Brooks Construction: additional business. "Homeowners and business owners see our equipment working on a job and because they recognize the versatility of Bobcat loaders, they ask if we can do a job for them," Koble says. "Even though we do many multimillion-dollar projects a year, we are always happy to provide an estimate to anyone. Bobcat equipment is ideal for large projects and small ones as well."

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