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Fall 2009

Don't Leave Home Without One

Landscaping crews depend on Bobcat equipment to complete projects on time

With a well-earned reputation for meeting deadlines, Rost Landscaping and Design does what it takes to complete a project on time, including equipping its crews with Bobcat® machines that produce results.

Rost Landscaping and Design was started by Tim Rost and his wife, Toby, in 1985. From a modest beginning where they did much of the labor themselves, it has grown to one of Missouri's premier landscape firms. With more than 100 employees, including five designers, the Columbia, Mo.-based company has done projects in most parts of the state, including St. Louis and Kansas City.

Bobcat MT55nt

An MT55 mini track loader is invaluable for Rost Landscaping and Design employees as they build a new patio. The loaders replace work otherwise done by hand with shovels and wheelbarrows, and the loaders' tracks minimize disturbance on established surfaces near the jobsite to keep customers happy.

"We believe in automation," says Kevin Anson, manager of the landscape division. "When a job requires a machine — and most of ours do — we make sure our employees have what they need. Whether it's equipment we own or lease, they have what it takes to be productive and efficient."

The company purchased a T300, two MT55s, a 335 compact excavator and a V518 VersaHandler® telescopic tool carrier, along with several attachments from Bobcat of St. Louis – Columbia. Using a variety of Bobcat products is one way Rost Landscaping solves problems and meets customer expectations.

Compact track loaders. "We use these powerful machines for all kinds of work — from backfilling walls, to digging trees with the tree spade attachment, to digging out areas for small lakes," Anson says. Because of the exceptional flotation provided by the compact track loader, Anson says, "they keep us productive even when the weather turns nasty, and the ground is too soft for wheeled machines."

Mini track loaders. "There is hardly any end to the work we can do with our MT55s," Anson says. "They trench, move trees through gates to backyards and dig under decks. We even hoisted one over a large modular wall to fill in behind the wall. We also have an irrigation company — Rost Superior Services — that uses one of the MT55s full time."

Compact excavator. "The 335 does a great job of digging holes for planting trees in hard-to-reach areas," Anson says. "It's also handy when we build water features and large waterfalls. When I compared it to similar machines, I really liked the breakout power of the 335. It's better for digging."

VersaHandler telescopic tool carrier. "The V518 is used in our yard to load and unload materials and supplies, and on jobs where we need the additional reach to set rocks in water features," Anson says.

In an ever-changing marketplace, the versatility of Bobcat equipment is ideal for companies like Rost Landscaping. "Along with the lease package, we now have more flexibility in how we run our business," Anson says.

Visit the landscaping page to learn more about Bobcat products for landscape specialists.

Designed for durability

"At one time we had another brand of compact track loader," Kevin Anson recalls. "The machines were OK, but the undercarriages completely disintegrated. They just did not hold up in our applications. We spent a lot of money on repairs and parts for those machines." Anson has been impressed with both the performance of the Bobcat loaders and the service from the local dealer. "After extensive testing we found Bobcat equipment much better for our situation," he says. "We are hard on machines with many different operators running them day after day, sometimes in extreme conditions. The loaders are well-built and easy to service, and the dealer has taken care of our needs very well."