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October 2009

Bobcat announces winners in ‘Great Bobcat Tractor Pull’ contest

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An Indiana apple-orchard owner and beekeeper will claim the grand prize in Bobcat’s “Great Bobcat Tractor Pull” contest, which asked entrants to describe how they would use a Bobcat® compact tractor to accomplish tasks ranging from common acreage chores to major undertakings.

As the grand-prize winner, John Shepherd of Porter, Ind., receives a Bobcat CT235 compact tractor and implements package.

John Shepherd
John Shepherd, grand-prize winner

Shepherd, referring to his story as a “21st-century, reality-version of ‘Green Acres,’” called his wife a “city girl,” and added, “I’m kind of country.” His entry was selected from almost 10,000 that came in from March through August. Contest judges appreciated the detail Shepherd used in describing how he and his wife would use a Bobcat tractor to move hive bodies, plant trees in the orchard, and put up fencing — among other things — on their 25 acres near the southeastern shore of Lake Michigan, about an hour’s train ride from Chicago.

“We recognize how much our target market can relate to the Shepherds’ situation,” said Leroy Anderson, Bobcat marketing communication manager. “She prefers the city, he loves the country, and now they have the best of both worlds — along with the typical chores and projects that need tending to on a small to mid-sized acreage. That type of thing is very common among our target audience.”

Lucas Greff
Lucas Greff (right), second-place winner, with his daughter, father and brother

The second-place prize goes to Lucas Greff of Elgin, N.D., who will receive a Bobcat 2200 utility vehicle, which he can put to use while re-establishing the family farm he grew up on.

“Seeing the homestead farm actively running cattle again after 10 years of dormancy brings me great pride,” Greff wrote. “The Greff family farm was homesteaded in the 19th century and after a short hiatus is back in action. ...”

Fifteen third-place winners receive Bobcat jackets for telling their stories. They are:

  • Raina Anderson, Holt, Mo.
  • Will Ashlin, Springfield, Mo.
  • Brian Becker Sr., Shushan, N.Y.
  • Daniel Bieger, Manassas, Va.
  • Jed Baum, Gardiner, N.Y.
  • Donna Cobain, Camp Creek, W.Va.
  • LuAnn Johnson, Mount Pleasant, Iowa
  • Mike Mitchell, Berlin, Mass.
  • Reg Patchell, Baltic, Conn.
  • Kenneth Rohlfing, Drakes Branch, Va.
  • Robert Rand Russell, Kerrville, Texas
  • Mike Sublett, Sanford, N.C.
  • David Stephens, St. Joseph, Mo.
  • Luis Vergara, Brooksville, Fla.
  • Charissa Wertz, Red Lion, Pa.

The “Great Bobcat Tractor Pull” contest was promoted heavily through the WorkSaver® magazine Homeowner with Acreage edition, which launched last spring. Free subscriptions to the magazine are available at

Visit the winners announcement page to view all the winning entries and photos of the winners.