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Bobcatalog 2010

Unique All-Wheel Steer Loader Is Versatile and Productive

Two-loaders-in-one concept offers two steering options and reduced tire wear, turf damage

The all-wheel steer loader, one of the many innovative products pioneered by Bobcat, offers a unique approach to jobsite economics and efficiency. Owners of this one-of-a-kind machine benefit in several ways: low ground disturbance, increased tire life, improved efficiency and an operator-friendly work environment.

AWS illustration

The illustration shows how the all-wheel steer loader's right and left sides work together to minimize turf damage and reduce tire wear. The red arrow demonstrates a skid-steer loader's counter-rotation for maximum maneuverability.

Two machines in one

The Bobcat® A300 all-wheel steer loader provides operators with two steering options. When the loader is in the all-wheel steer mode, both the right and left sides work together to minimize turf damage and reduce tire wear. The inside tires turn at a different angle and speed than the outside tires. In the skid-steer mode the tires on the left side work independently of the tires on the right side to achieve maximum maneuverability.

Low ground disturbance

Select the all-wheel steer mode for little or no disturbance to sensitive surfaces. That means fewer repairs after the work is complete — huge benefit for landscapers and nursery owners. All-wheel steer also limits the spillage of loose materials from a bucket so you if you regularly work on concrete or other hard surfaces, tire wear asphalt and paving contractors have realized major cost savings.

The skid-steer mode is the best areas and need to make tight turns and maneuver quickly.

Two different steering modes may allow some owners to downsize of the job, and even when conditions change at the jobsite, you have the choice of using the best steering mode for a particular situation. In addition, the speed management feature allows the operator to maintain full hydraulic speed. The wide range of options makes the all-wheel steer loader a valuable machine.


Two different steering modes make the vertical-lift-path, long wheel base A300 a very productive loader.

With low-effort joystick controls, excellent visibility, a smooth ride and comfortable deluxe cab, the Bobcat all-wheel steer loader allows operators to work longer and more productively.