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Unique A300s Improve Tree Service Processes

All-wheel steer loader moves debris quickly without damaging ground

During the past 27 years, Jay Eubanks has built a successful Mobile, Ala., tree service business. In the last five years, he's added some unique machines that have helped him become even more successful.

Jay Eubanks

Jay Eubanks owns three Bobcat A300s, which he says are the ideal machines when operating on sensitive surfaces.

"Our three Bobcat® A300 all-wheel steer loaders of Jay Eubanks Tree Service. "They are so much more versatile and maneuverable than the knuckleboom trucks we previously used. Now we can get in and out of limited access areas to remove debris without any problems — and do it much faster. The loaders don't tear up lawns like our trucks did at times.

"That's important because Eubanks does much of his work at apartment complexes, homes in upscale neighborhoods and golf courses.

"We do all kinds of tree work — trimming, removing and storm damage cleanup," Eubanks says. "We use our A300s as soon as we put a tree on the ground. We pick up the debris with the grapple bucket and transport the material to a truck.

"The A300s with turf tires and grapple buckets are ideal for golf courses. They don't want damage, of course, and they want us to work quickly and move on. With this equipment we can do that."

Two steering modes

The A300s — which Eubanks purchased from Bobcat of Mobile — have two steering modes: all-wheel steer and skid-steer. The all-wheel steer mode produces a smooth ride, low ground disturbance and reduced tire wear. Switch to skid-steer mode when a tight turning radius and extra maneuverability are important.

Eubanks is pleased with the way his all-wheel steer loaders have helped him overcome challenging ground conditions.

Less ground disturbance

"We have sandy soil which turns into soft, muddy sand when it rains," he says. "Most equipment with regular tires is going to leave ruts. You can have damage or you can lay down track mats, or you can do what we do — use our A300 machines. I think the Bobcat all-wheel steer loaders are the best option."

Eubanks also has a V518 VersaHandler® telescopic tool carrier for specialized jobs. "We bring it along, with a grapple attachment, when we need the reach up to 18 feet," he says. "It does a great job of handling storm debris, moving a large volume of material quickly."

Eventually Eubanks wants to construct his own facility to recycle debris and turn it into mulch. "The V518 will be a big help at that site," he notes.

By matching two unique Bobcat machines with labor- and time-saving attachments, this Southeast contractor has thrived for nearly three decades in an industry that requires reliable equipment for a variety of landscapes and customers.