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Bobcatalog 2010

Concrete Specialists Trust One Brand — Bobcat

New M-series S630 loaders welcomed by company's operators

Just when one career was coming to an apparent end, a move to the Midwest brought about new opportunities and the start of a new company — National Concrete Cutting. Based in Council Bluffs, Iowa, the concrete specialists are experts in their field. They depend on their Bobcat® loaders, compact excavators and attachments to help them get jobs done on time with minimal manual labor.

Chris Brandt

Chris Brandt of National Concrete Cutting was one of the first M-Series customers in his area. Brandt says the machines' improved visibility is ideal for concrete removal projects.

Chris Brandt is the son of Wendell Brandt, the founder of National Concrete Cutting. Chris says his father moved to Iowa after retiring from a similar concrete business in California. Not long after he moved, Wendell saw the opportunities for creating a company like the one he had in California. Today, that company has grown to more than 35 employees with 19 Bobcat loaders, three compact excavators and numerous attachments.

M-series loader addition

The most recent additions to the company's fleet are two Bobcat S630 skid-steer loaders from Bobcat of Omaha. Brandt says the timing couldn't have been better when his salesman called to discuss the new machines. He needed some new equipment, and after a demonstration, he called the salesman to order two new M-Series loaders.

One of the company's favorite machines, according to Brandt, is the 863 model. For more than 20 years, National Concrete Cutting purchased Bobcat equipment but never got rid of the machines because of their durability. Brandt says the new M-Series S630s resemble the size and performance of the popular 863s.

"My operators like the new S630s because they're quieter and are smoother running machines," Brandt says. "We bought them with the enclosed cab with heat and air conditioning, Power Bob-Tach™ mounting system, and radio." His operators appreciate the loader amenities during grueling days of concrete removal.


A new M-Series S630 makes quick work of breaking, lifting and carrying concrete debris for National Concrete Cutting.

A new cab-forward design on the M-Series loaders is an immediate benefit for Brandt's operators. "My operators said the visibility in the new machines is great," he says. That's beneficial when his crews are tearing out concrete with a hydraulic breaker, loading it into a bucket, and dumping it into a truck to be hauled away.

Brand loyalty

Other companies have tempted the Brandts with special offers and equipment demonstrations, but have never been able to sway them from their loyalty to Bobcat. "Our Bobcat machines have always been so reliable; we've never had any problems with them," Brandt says. "Competitors have tempted us with special prices or dropped off a demo."

"If I could only have one piece of equipment, it would be a Bobcat loader. I've been an operator for 20 years. There aren't many days that go by that I don't use one for something."