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Bobcatalog 2010

Mini Track Loaders Solve Jobsite Problems

Size and power boost productivity

Put your shovel and wheelbarrow away and complete jobs faster, easier and more profitably with a Bobcat® mini track loader.

The MT52 and the slightly larger and more powerful MT55 allow a single operator to work where other machines cannot go and to productively use a wide variety of attachments while limiting ground disturbance.


MT55 mini track loader

Easy access

When larger equipment is stopped at the doorway, fence gate or other close-quarter situations, the mini track loader is the way to go. With a height of just 49 inches, a length of 72 inches and a width of 36 inches (MT52) or 42 inches (MT55), you have the solution to many jobsite access problems, both indoors and out.

Time-saving attachments

Difficult jobs become easier with a mini track loader and any of the more than 25 Bobcat-approved attachments. You can prepare ground with the landplane, soil conditioner, or tiller; remove concrete with the hydraulic breaker; work underground with the trencher or vibratory plow; or remove materials with the utility grapple or combination bucket. There are also plenty of other attachments to work easier and faster. The heavy-duty Bob-Tach™ attachment mounting system makes changing attachments fast and easy.

Tracks make a difference

The track system on the MT52 and MT55 improves traction and or wet surfaces. Reduced ground pressure minimizes damage to lawns and other established surfaces. That means there is little need for expensive and time-consuming repairs.

Mini track loader controls

Easy-to-operate controls available on Bobcat mini track loaders.

Easy to operate

With simple, low effort controls and easy to understand instrument panel, Bobcat mini track loaders are in a class by themselves. One multi-function handle controls forward and reverse travel and steering. Lift and tilt functions are controlled by one independent lever. Bobcat provides the option of walking behind the loader or standing on the easy-to-attach, ride-on platform.

A Bobcat mini track loader can add a new dimension to your to work when and where other machines cannot.

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