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David and Goliath Working Together

Large and small Bobcat loaders work in tandem for Florida landscaper

Like many landscape contractors, Korey Grieger started out by mowing lawns. He first started in the industry while in high school, working for a company that encouraged him to start his own business. Today, KSG Landscaping and Property Maintenance is owned and operated by Grieger with help from his wife and his father. The company is based out of Port Orange, Fla., and purchases Bobcat equipment from Bobcat of Orlando.

Korey and Chastity Grieger

KSG Landscaping owners Korey and Chastity Grieger, Port Orange, Fla.

In addition to property maintenance, KSG installs new landscaping and renovates existing landscapes in residential and commercial applications. "During the building boom, most new homes had a minimal amount of landscaping to save cost," Grieger says. "We would tear out what was there, re-grade and install new landscaping."

The company has two Bobcat® loaders — the A300 all-wheel steer loader, which is one of the company's largest, and the MT55 compact track loader, which is one of the smallest manufactured by Bobcat. Both loaders are essential to KSG's installation and renovation operations.

Heavy loads, light footprint

The A300 has a rated operating capacity of 3,000 pounds and easily moves materials at KSG's shop, and sod and trees at jobsites. This loader, an exclusive product of Bobcat Company, is operated in two modes — in all-wheel steer with four steerable axles for a smoother ride and low ground disturbance, and as a traditional skid-steer loader that can turn 360 degrees in its own length.

Most of the time, Grieger operates the A300 in all-wheel steer mode and uses turf tires, which cuts down on damage to established turf, saving the company time and money. "If we tear up a lawn, we need to go back and take it out, re-grade it and put new material back down, which can take a whole day or two," Grieger says. "The all-wheel steer mode of the A300 and the tracks of the MT55 save us time on the job by preventing turf damage."

Korey Grieger

Korey Grieger matches his MT55 mini track loader with a model 10 auger at a landscaping project to minimize manual labor.

Productivity with less labor

Grieger purchased the MT55 to cut down on labor costs. Many small landscaping companies in eastern Florida don't use equipment and rely on hand labor to complete work. The MT55 is just under 42 inches wide, which means it can access backyards and other traveling through gates, if needed — to mechanize many common landscaping tasks. "In the city limits, yards are limited in size, but we can get into a backyard with a grapple bucket, soil conditioner, auger or stump grinder with the MT55."

The MT55 has a removable operator ride-on platform, which Grieger says he uses because it's easier on his body. "Anything that's less wear and tear on me is a benefit," Grieger says.

From breaking out concrete to installing new landscaping, Grieger knows it's important to have equipment that quickly completes the work at a low cost. "The best thing about having Bobcat equipment as part of your operation is that it is always there and always ready to go," Grieger says.