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Bobcatalog 2010

Utility Vehicles: A Must-Have for Contractors and Acreage Owners

Bobcat utility vehicles are the smart choice for transporting people and cargo, while consuming less fuel

In recent years, Bobcat® utility vehicle popularity has grown, in part because of the ease of moving passengers and cargo on jobsites, campuses, fields or personal residences, and because they use less fuel than pickup trucks. Their compact size, comfortable seating, cargo space and superior traction offer distinct advantages. Attachments add versatility to the 2300 utility vehicle to set it apart from other brands of vehicles.


2300 utility vehicle

There are four distinct Bobcat models to choose from: a two-passenger, 4x2 2100; a 4x4 2200; a four-passenger 2200S; and the 2300 with RapidLink™ attachment system. All but the 2100 have the exclusive IntelliTrak™ full-time, four-wheel drive system to provide power when needed without activating any levers or switches. Never worry about whether you need to be in two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive; the Bobcat utility vehicle switches automatically to maintain optimum traction.

Operator comfort

Adjust the operator's seat to fit your comfort settings. There's ample room for operators of various sizes, while a tilt steering column can be adjusted to meet the driver's needs. The front and rear suspension provide a superior ride. Keep beverages close at hand with several cup holders and store items in the glove box for easy access.

Work vehicle

Bobcat offers you the only true attachment mounting system with its RapidLink system on the 2300 model. RapidLink system: a bucket, mower, pallet fork, snow blade or Whisker push broom. A 40-gallon sprayer with 10-foot booms may be mounted in the utility vehicle's cargo bed, too.

Customize your ride

Customize your Bobcat utility vehicle with some popular options, such as a cab enclosure and heater for winter operation. If you enjoy hunting expeditions, a bet. Radios, alloy wheels, mud tires, lighting kits and tool boxes also come highly recommended.

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