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Bobcatalog 2010

2300 Utility Vehicle Pays for Itself on One Project

Fence installer finishes a near-impossible job two months early with a Bobcat utility vehicle

A decade ago Vito DiCarlo was working three jobs to pay the bills. At the same time he did multiple home projects including putting in a fence. He knew he could do this type of work for a living, took a leap of faith and started his own fence company. Today he operates a successful fence installation company with his wife, Alissa, in Hillsdale, N.J., with 23 loyal employees, a Bobcat® S185 skid-steer loader and a 2300 utility vehicle.

Vito DiCarlo

A Bobcat 2300 was just what Vito DiCarlo and his employees needed to transport building materials on a challenging jobsite.

You might not think a fencing company would have a 2300 utility vehicle, but for DiCarlo and his installation crews, it has paid for itself. Here's why. DiCarlo was hired to install 25,000 feet of chain-link security fence at three New Jersey quarries during the winter. Crews had to install a 6-foot-high chain link fence up a mountain in rocky, snow- and ice-covered terrain.

"My guys had to travel 4,000 to 5,000 feet into the mountain," DiCarlo says. "They parked their truck near the road and had to carry the pipes, concrete and chain-link fence until we bought the 2300. We were installing fence in the worst possible conditions you could think about. There were rocks, hills, streams; with no direct access to the site, and it was 10 degrees."

DiCarlo called his Bobcat dealership — Bobcat of North Jersey — to ask what kind of equipment was available to help his crews. His salesman introduced him to the 2300 utility vehicle with four-wheel drive, room for two passengers, a cargo box bed capacity of 800 pounds and the exclusive RapidLink™ attachment mounting system. DiCarlo quickly purchased the unit with the bucket attachment, which he uses to transport materials on his jobsites.

2300 is 'lifesaver'

"The 2300 has been a lifesaver," he says. "We probably saved two months of work once we bought the 2300 and used the cargo bed to load the material and drive to the site instead of carrying materials by hand. We loaded the cargo bed with concrete or a generator and rock drill to drive it to the site. It saved us a ton of money and it saved the guys' backs. The machine paid for itself three times over on this project."

Bobcat loader assignment

Most of DiCarlo's customers are commercial or industrial facilities. His employees regularly operate the S185 with an auger attachment to dig holes for the fence posts. "If we have a job with up to 3,000 feet of fence, instead of digging by hand, we'll use the loader and auger to keep drilling the footings for the fence," he says. "The loader and auger work very well for us."