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Bobcatalog 2010

Toolcat 5600 Makes Life Easier for Property Owner

No problem finding jobs for utility work machine and Bobcat attachments

Since purchasing a Toolcat™ 5600 three years ago, businessman and property owner Luke Latimer no longer has to borrow equipment, repair damaged surfaces or work by hand as he maintains his property. And there doesn't seem to be a limit to the jobs he can find for the utility work machine.

Luke Latimer

Luke Latimer relies on a Toolcat 5600 utility work machine to complete maintenance projects on a 120-acre property.

Latimer and his family own a number of businesses, ranging from a manufactured housing community in Florida to a utility maintenance and heavy construction company in Pennsylvania. One of his enterprises, SML Limited Partnership, owns commercial and residential real estate and is the major beneficiary of the one-of-a-kind Toolcat machine.

"I was always borrowing equipment from one of our other companies whenever I had to work around our properties," says Latimer, New Alexandria, Pa. "The 5600 has made doing these chores much more convenient. It has made life a lot easier."

SML owns a 120-acre property that includes some residential housing and a portion that is leased for farming. The rest is undeveloped land. Before he purchased the utility work machine from Bobcat of Pittsburgh, Latimer did maintenance with a tractor mower and a lot of handwork.

Working faster

"With the Toolcat 5600 and the 60-inch Brushcat™ rotary cutter, I can not only work faster, but I can see what I am doing, especially when maneuvering around trees," he says. "The 5600 is ideal for mowing large properties and I especially like the fact that I no longer have to be concerned about turf damage."

He also uses the Toolcat machine to mow around his home, which is on a 90-acre parcel of land about 1˝ miles from his other property. "Driving the 5600 back and forth between the two locations is very handy," he says.

When Latimer rented a Bobcat auger attachment to install 200 feet of PVC vinyl fence, he had to work in rain throughout the day. "The Toolcat 5600 maneuvered around the yard without doing any damage," he says. "You could not even tell that I had used machinery."

Like all utility work machine owners Latimer continues to find uses that demonstrate the value of the product — such as removing fallen trees from his property prior to the hunting season and delivering 42 boxes of cedar wood for a children's playset.

He likes the weight and the lifting, towing and hauling capacity of the 5600. "This is a commercial-grade machine that is easy to operate and very versatile," he says. "As soon as I saw it I decided the time was right for me to get my own equipment. It was a very good decision."