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Bobcatalog 2010

Bobcat Excavator Lineup Continues Evolving

Additional M-Series models available in 2010


A new M-Series ZTS E35 excavator features unmatched visibility to the machine's work group.

In 2009 Bobcat introduced the newest generation of compact excavators — the M-Series — with improved reliability, performance and comfort. Four new models were debuted last year with additional models coming this year. Bobcat® compact excavators are still the only brand made in the United States. They're built with advanced hydraulic systems to outperform tractor loader backhoes in traditional excavating applications.

An excavator for any job

Over the years Bobcat has enhanced its compact excavator lineup with new models to fit customers' dig depth, reach and horsepower needs. Today, Bobcat offers 11 excavator models with dig depths from 6 feet to 15 feet 6 inches, and reaches from 10 feet to 24 feet 5 inches. Engine horsepower ranges from 10.2 horsepower in the 418 all the way to 57 horsepower in the new E80 excavator.

Outperform other brands

Already considered the industry leader in the compact excavator market, Bobcat improved upon its design with the launch of the M-Series. Dig faster in a lighter machine with a 10 percent increase in arm breakout force. Additional lift capacity and more dump height, coupled with a redesigned workgroup to lengthen the structural life of the excavator, means you can get more out of the machine than ever before.

Auto idle feature

A new auto-idle feature makes it easier to have phone conversations or communicate with co-workers on jobsites. Noise and vibration levels have been significantly reduced in M-Series excavators.

Auto idle and auto shift

E32 and E35 excavators have the auto-shift feature for easier turning and better backfilling performance. The excavators shift in and out of low range automatically and permit the operator to keep moving without stopping to downshift.

Auto idle is available on all Bobcat M-Series excavators. Benefits from this new feature include a quieter machine and less fuel consumption. Simply put, the excavator's engine will idle if the joysticks, travel and blade levers remain in neutral for about four seconds. This makes it much easier to have conversations between the operator and co-workers, or to take a phone call.

Improved comfort

From the moment you step into an M-Series cab, you'll notice the difference with an easier entry and exit, more floor space and redesigned foot pedals. The boom swing control can be found on the thumb switch on the left joystick, freeing up more space on the floor and providing easier operation. An easy-to-reach rotary dial controls the engine speed. Storage was added, too, with a lockable toolbox and console pocket.

Reliability and service

A redesigned hydraulic system in the M-Series excavators provides improved performance, a quieter machine, and a more efficient hydraulic operation. The components include a load-sensing piston pump and an optimized valve system. Couple these for precise workgroup movements and faster cycle times. For simple maintenance, rear and side covers provide access to everyday service areas. Security measures were added with a lockable rear door, side hood and fuel fill.

Excavator attachments

Utilize one of 16 approved Bobcat excavator attachments to maximize your machine's versatility.

Attachment options

Last but certainly not least are the many attachment options available for Bobcat compact excavators. Bobcat offers 16 attachments to maximize the machine's functionality and minimize the need for multiple machines on jobsites. A Bobcat X-Change™ attachment mounting system is standard on most models for multi-attachment capabilities. This system maintains proper arm-to-bucket geometry for optimum bucket breakout force. An optional hydraulic X-Change system ensures operators will match the proper bucket to the application. To activate the hydraulic pins for attachment removal or hook-up, simply flip a switch in the cab. Be sure to install the retainer pins before resuming work.

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