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Bobcatalog 2010

V417 Makes Immediate Impact for Landscaping Firm

Exceptional lift capacity and reach in a compact machine make the V417 the ideal solution

When Mark Esswein needed a machine with more lift capacity and a longer reach, he called his Bobcat salesman to ask him what was available. The V417 telescopic tool carrier was just what Esswein needed to help his laborers lift, carry and place landscaping materials in confined spaces.

Mark Esswein

A V417 telescopic tool carrier helps crews complete projects more efficiently for landscaper Mark Esswein of Dix Hills, N.Y.

Esswein Associates Inc. is a in Dix Hills, N.Y., with 20 years of experience in landscape design and installation. The company oversees entire landscaping and hardscaping installations from building swimming pools to masonry work, building stone walls, planting trees and installing sod.

Our WorkSaver team visited Mark Esswein at a multimillion-dollar landscaping and hardscaping project on Long Island, N.Y. We discovered how the V417 he bought from Bobcat of Long Island had job's progress and improvements to various landscaping tasks. Here are three examples:

Task 1: planting trees

With years of experience operating skid-steer loaders, compact excavators and wheel loaders on landscaping projects, Esswein needed skid-steer loaders and a wheel loader, especially for handling trees.

"I needed a very compact machine with good lift capacity and longer reach than a skid-steer loader," he says. "The V417 easily lifts heavy items, such as burlapped trees, out of a truck, carries them to the site and places them down. If we need to plant a tree on a second tier, we can extend the boom to place it where we want to."

Task 2: handing pallets

Esswein's crews regularly unload pallets of stone from delivery trucks, carry them to the installation site and place them. The heavy pallets often weigh too much for smaller machines. Previously they separated the heavy pallets into lighter loads that could be handled by smaller equipment.

"The V417 has the lift capacity to handle the full stone pallets," Esswein says. "We're saving a lot of time and labor by not breaking them down."

Task 3: placing material

The V417 helped crews lift and place stone for a terraced wall that was built in three sections, each 4 feet high with its own landing. The V417 lifted the stone to crews building the second 4-foot wall. Previously, it would be carried manually to the second and third tier.

The V417 was used daily on the Long Island project. With other machines sitting idle, the V417 maneuvered around the jobsite often in tight quarters to deliver trees with trunks up to 7 inches in diameter.

"We're able to lift things up a lot higher and unload them, or we can reach into a truck and pull material back out of it," Esswein says.