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Bobcatalog 2010

Trees Turned to Dust with T320 and Forestry Package

T320 and forestry cutter make quick work of selective tree removal

As the carbide teeth on the drum of a Bobcat® forestry cutter rip into another tree, the sounds of branches falling to the ground and tree trunks being shredded can be heard. Soon there is nothing left but small wood chips on the ground. The T320 with forestry package quickly moves on to its next tree.

Miklos Hajdu-Nemeth

A Bobcat T320 with forestry cutter attachment makes quick work of tree removal for Miklos Hajdu-Nemeth, Miklos Tree Service.

For Miklos Hajdu-Nemeth, cutting down trees has been a way of life, going back to when he was a teenager helping friends. Hajdu-Nemeth was a commercial diver for 10 years who helped contractors bring down trees when he wasn't underwater. Today he runs his own company — Miklos Tree Service — and has made a good living clearing trees with his Bobcat equipment that he purchased from Garden State Bobcat.

With a small group of operators, two Bobcat compact excavators (331 and 334), and a T320 equipped with the forestry package, Hajdu-Nemeth can quickly complete his projects for customers who need to clear trees without disrupting the surrounding areas. One such project was at Rutgers Preparatory School in September 2009.

Case study

Hajdu-Nemeth was hired to selectively remove trees at a large construction project in Somerset, N.J., at Rutgers. The school wanted to leave some of the mature trees and make space for a new pedestrian bridge to access a soccer field.

T320 with forestry cutter

Miklos Hajdu-Nemeth can selectively remove trees without disrupting the surroundings with the forestry cutter attachment and his T320.

Hajdu-Nemeth's Bobcat crew maneuvered its way past larger equipment to gain access to the jobsite, where trees and undergrowth were easily removed. It wasn't long before the T320 was mulching the undergrowth and quickly cutting down trees. Meanwhile, other employees were using the excavator to load larger tree pieces into a truck and eventually sell it as firewood.

"We previously used the Bobcat excavators to grab the brush, but the debris got to be too bulky," Hajdu-Nemeth says. "Now, I grind it all up with the T320 and forestry cutter, and then I rake it up in a pile and eventually load it in a three or four because the material packs in better."

You could hardly tell where his crew had been when he was done because of the soft footprint left by the tracked loader and excavator. "Some people need three or four days to complete this project," Hajdu-Nemeth says. "We'll do it in less than a day with our Bobcat equipment. We're able to give customers more for their money and add more service to the job.

Bamboo sells forestry unit

According to Hajdu-Nemeth, bamboo can be some of the worst tree material to remove. He put the forestry cutter to the test during a product demonstration — a bamboo project. "That's what sold me on the machine," he says. "Bamboo is hard to chip because it's so stringy and clogs up the chipper's chute. The T320 and forestry cutter ground the bamboo with no problem. I picked up the mulch and the roots in an unbelievable time. Now I can reasonably price bamboo-removal jobs for my customers."