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Spring 2010

Bobcat Compact Tractor Complements Bigger Machines

Longtime Bobcat equipment owner pleased with CT335


Athletic Services owner Mike Williams works on the Toronto Blue Jays practice field in Dunedin, Fla., with his Bobcat CT335 tractor and tiller implement.

For 25 years Athletic Services has relied on Bobcat® equipment as it grew into a leading builder and renovator of athletic facilities, including Major League Baseball fields, along the west coast of Florida.

The company has two compact track loaders, four skid-steer loaders, a compact excavator and several attachments. Mike Williams, who owns Athletic Services with his wife, Sandy, has operated tractors since he was in high school. With the addition of compact tractors to the Bobcat lineup, he purchased a CT335 last year. He explains why:

"I've had a long association with Bobcat products and have come to count on them as durable, reliable and productive machines. They have helped make us successful. I know the company stands behind its equipment and that my local dealer (Bobcat of Tampa Bay) provides excellent parts and service support.

"When I looked at compact tractors — and evaluated the features that were important to me — the Bobcat brand stood out, and was less expensive.

"Tilling athletic fields is something we do often and we need a tractor with variable speed that can creep along as slow as one-half to one-third mile per hour in order to till the soil really fine. The CT335 has the size, horsepower and hydrostatic transmission to deliver the results we want and does it better than our other tractors. It also allows us to cover ground faster."

Williams also likes:

  • Easy entry and exit. "With other tractors you can get in from both sides, but it's a little more difficult because the controls get in the way. The accessibility on the CT335 is better."
  • Three-point hitch operation. "With the lever in the back, one person can quickly change implements. I've never seen that on other models. In addition, the extendable lower links, which are standard on Bobcat tractors, make it easy to line up and secure the pins."
  • Comfort features. "It's very ergonomically designed. The controls are right where you can reach them, the suspension seat is comfortable and isolated from vibration. The operator station adjusts to all size operators. All-in-all, it's a very solid machine."

"When it comes to compact tractors, Bobcat did it right."

Visit the compact tractor page to learn more.

Multi-machine owner relies on genuine Bobcat parts

Mike Williams is sold not only on Bobcat equipment, but genuine Bobcat parts as well. He buys all the filters, belts, hoses and many other parts for his eight Bobcat machines from his local dealer.

"Sure, I could look around at other places, but who needs the aggravation," he says. "If I go to a parts store, I might spend a half hour cross-referencing the type of filters I need, and still might not be sure I have the right ones. They don't always have them in stock and the cost can be higher than Bobcat.

"It's much easier to pick up the phone, call the parts department at the Bobcat dealership where they know all my equipment, tell them what I need and a box will be on my doorstep the next day. Using parts specifically designed for Bobcat machines saves me time, money and a whole lot of problems."