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Spring 2010

Equipment Choices Keep Nurseries Efficient

A variety of machines makes a world of difference

Victor Scalici and son

Victor Scalici operates his family-owned nursery with his wife and son, and their dependable Toolcat™ 5600 utility work machine.

Operating a successful nursery business requires top-notch management. One of the most important choices is selecting the right compact equipment.

A pair of New Jersey nurseries — a family-owned business and a larger commercial enterprise — are using Bobcat® equipment to work faster and easier.

One relies on a utility work machine. The other also has a utility work machine, plus two all-wheel steer loaders and a skid-steer loader. All the equipment was purchased from Garden State Bobcat in Freehold.

"The Toolcat™ 5600 has been a lifesaver," says Victor Scalici, Scalici Farm and Greenhouses. "We've owned it for three years and use it every day. There are no breaks in the work schedule around here — either for us or the 5600."

"We purchased our first Bobcat loader (a 443B) in 1994 based mostly on name recognition," says Jeff Wiessel, JMJ Farm. "But we soon realized that Bobcat had much better products than the competition, and we've owned them ever since. Today a Toolcat 5600, two A300s and an S250 are important to our success."

5600 is a do-everything machine

Scalici, who grew up in the family nursery business, started his own company 14 years ago. Scalici Farm and Greenhouses, located in Freehold, is home to the utility work machine and several Bobcat attachments — pallet fork, stump grinder, dozer blade, mower and snowblower.

Toolcat 5600

Victor Scalici transports his nursery products in the cargo bed from the comfort of the climate-controlled cab of the Toolcat 5600.

The easy-to-use Toolcat 5600 replaced other equipment and quickly became the machine of choice both around the 6-acre farm and on jobsites.

"We move all our nursery stock with it," Scalici says. "In the fall we use the 5600 to pull a hay wagon as we take mums out of the field. It's a strong, powerful machine that doesn't get stuck."

Scalici says most of his customers are homeowners, so loading their vehicles is necessary and appreciated. The 5600 handles mulch, stone, topsoil, statues, benches, concrete ornaments, firewood and Christmas trees. "You name it, we move it with the Toolcat machine," he says.

On landscaping jobsites, the 5600 saves time, labor and eliminates damage to property. "We do a lot of work around expensive properties," Scalici says. "The owners want a nice clean job with no problems. The Toolcat unit enables us to work efficiently — to get in and out as quickly as possible. For example, we can bring in the 5600 with the stump grinder attachment, take out the stump, load the wood chips into the cargo box and leave without damaging the lawn."

The utility work machine has proven to be a wise investment for Scalici, taking on an expanding list of jobs. "We keep finding new ways to use it to make life easier," he says. "I certainly wouldn't want to run this business without the 5600."

Toolcat 5600

JMJ Farm owner Jeff Wiessel finds the Toolcat 5600 utility work machine to be a versatile machine for his nurseries, moving palletized supplies with the lift arm and pallet fork, and tools in the machine's cargo bed.

Equipment kept busy around farms

Jeff Wiessel owns JMJ Farm with his cousin Sean Wiessel and Matt Gannon. They have 10 acres in Howell and another 7 acres in Jackson.

Between the two locations they have 140 cold greenhouses, growing about 100,000 trees, shrubs and perennials. That keeps their Bobcat equipment — Toolcat 5600, two A300s, S250 and attachments — plenty busy. Although the machines are very versatile (they are all used for digging and snow removal), they have some specific duties at the farms.

"The utility work machine can't be beat when it comes to quickly moving plants around the property," says Jeff Wiessel.

"The all-wheel steer loaders are the choice for loading and unloading trucks," he continues. "The 3,000-pound rated operating capacity is more than enough and the lift height is sufficient to handle all the trucks that come in here.

Jeff Wiessel

With a hefty 3,000-pound rated operating capacity and all-wheel steering for minimal ground disturbance, the A300 is a good fit for Jeff Wiessel's nursery.

"It's a nice, comfortable machine, with a smooth ride. You're much less fatigued after operating one of the A300s all day. And it's easy on the turf, too.

"We grow our own trees and use the S250 with tree spade for digging, transplanting and loading. The power of the skid-steer loader makes this type of work very efficient."

JMJ Farm is a high-production facility that keeps people, plants and machinery constantly on the move. The Bobcat equipment is so important that Wiessel says: "We could not operate our business without it. These machines and attachments make a world of difference."

Whether serving homeowners or commercial landscapers, these nurseries are stocked with equipment that their owners can depend on, day in and day out.

To read more about Bobcat equipment for nurseries and garden centers, visit the nursery page.

Steering mode switch

A Bobcat exclusive

Simply press a switch in the A300 cab to go from all-wheel steer mode to skid-steer loader mode. Bobcat Company is still the only compact equipment manufacturer that offers a machine with both steering options to best match the jobsite conditions. The all-wheel steer operating mode minimizes ground disturbance, while the skid-steer loader mode provides turns in the tightest working areas.