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Summer 2010

A300 Excels at Trump National Golf Club

A Bobcat all-wheel steer loader proves to be a valuable asset for grounds maintenance projects

Bobcat A300

Getting access to tight areas is no problem with the all-wheel steer function on the Bobcat A300.

At Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., a Bobcat® A300 all-wheel steer loader makes sure the course and surrounding grounds are in impeccable shape. The facility is one of many golf clubs owned by the famous businessman Donald Trump.

Thomas Pepe is the director of grounds at the Bedminster facility, where he oversees the maintenance of 36-hole golf course. Pepe depends on the Bobcat A300 on a daily basis for work on and off the course. "Off the course, we load all types of materials, including sand, gravel, top dressing, mulch, woodchips and bunker sand, and we use it on the golf course to spread material, or grade an area that needs leveling," he says.

Rather than pay an outside tree care company to complete projects on the course, Pepe uses the stump grinder and tree spade attachments. "We do quite a bit of extensive tree work in-house, especially in the fall when we're maintaining and transplanting trees from various areas," he explains. "For example, we sent the A300 out on the course for two days with the stump grinder attachment, working up to 12 hours each day. Doing the work ourselves saved us at least $3,500. We also own a trencher attachment. We install a lot of irrigation and drainage in-house during the off-season. The unit has no problem going through tough shale."

Trump National Golf Club

A scene from the immaculate grounds at the Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey.

Low ground disturbance

Having turf tires and all-wheel steering capability enables A300 operators to drive on the plush course without any hesitation. "Without the turf tires, we wouldn't be able to drive it on the turf the way we do," he says. "We have a lot of paved areas that can't be plowed with a regular blade in the winter, so we use the A300 with a rubber blade to clear snow that we'd otherwise do by hand."

Additional features that made the A300 a popular choice for Pepe include:

  • Two-speed travel. "We use the two-speed travel regularly. Our maintenance building is quite a ways from some of the areas at the club, so we can get there much faster than other equipment."
  • Enclosed cab. "The enclosed cab with heat and air conditioning is a big plus. Being able to stay dry and warm when it's raining or when we're plowing snow in the winter is very nice."
  • Two steering modes. "When we're in a tight area, we'll switch to the skid-steer operating mode for improved maneuverability." All-wheel steering minimizes turf impact. Switching from all-wheel steer to skid-steer mode is as simple as pressing a switch in the cab.

The A300 has proved its value time and time again on one of New Jersey's most prestigious golf resorts. Crews at the Trump National Golf Club save considerable time, and Thomas Pepe saves the course money by doing projects in-house.

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