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Summer 2010

Track Machines Make a Difference

The Bobcat System brings in business for landscaping company

A three-machine, all-track version of the Bobcat System is creating some significant opportunities for a New Jersey landscaping firm.

James and Anthony Perrone

James (left) and Anthony Perrone Jr.

"Our T300 compact track loader, MT52 mini track loader and 341 excavator have positioned us well for the type of work we do today and for whatever comes in the future," says Anthony Perrone Jr., who in partnership with his son James, owns A. Perrone & Sons Inc. Landscaping and Irrigation, New Milford, N.J.

The track machines provide the ability to do the following opportunities and more:

  • Begin earlier in the spring and work later in the fall.
  • Stay on the job when weather conditions turn bad.
  • Spend less time repairing damaged surfaces.
  • Take on new types of revenue-boosting projects.

The 26-year-old design and build company installs ponds, waterfalls, walls, pavers, stone, lawns, trees and irrigation systems. About 75 percent of the work is residential; 25 percent commercial (office complexes, strip malls and restaurants).

In the early years of his company, Perrone operated tractor-loader-backhoes (TLBs). He switched to Bobcat loaders for their light footprint and improved versatility. "The difference between the TLBs and now is like the difference between black and white," he says. "The track machines offer a lot more and are much more efficient."

Some of that efficiency can be attributed to what is known as the Bobcat System, typically a combination of loader and excavator. With the mini track loader, you add another high-performance dimension. At times the 341 can be digging, the T300 hauling away the soil and the MT52 delivering stone and rocks to the jobsite. "In this type of situation the equipment saves a huge amount of time," he says. "On a big job it can amount to days."

Extending the work season is one of the valuable opportunities created by the track machines purchased from Bobcat of North Jersey because it provides more hours and more revenue.

Bobcat 341

James Perrone demonstrates how the 341 with clamp efficiently lifts landscaping boulders, which will eventually be placed on a customer's site.

"By switching to all track units, we can usually count on at least an extra month of total available work time in the spring and fall," Perrone says. "Plus, we work on days when rain would normally shut us down. These machines do extremely well in wet, muddy conditions."

Another big advantage of the track equipment: easy on established surfaces. "We don't tear up turf and scuff driveways. We can complete a job and move on, and not have to return for repairs. Our customers are impressed and confident when they see us working with the proper equipment."

"We use all three of our Bobcat track machines," Perrone says. "Without them we could not do this type of work. This is just one example of how our equipment choices have opened up new markets for us."

Visit the compact track loader page to learn more about the advantages of rubber track undercarriages and decide whether they are the best option for your application.

New revenue source

Building ponds and waterfalls is a significant part of Perrone's business. That's how he became acquainted with Aquascape, a supplier of products for those features. When that company came out with a rainwater harvesting system, Perrone saw an opportunity.

"The concept, which is starting to become more popular, combines a re-circulating decorative water feature with a sub-surface rainwater harvesting collection system that allows the homeowner to capture rainwater and reuse it," he says. "We saw an opportunity here, especially because we already had the necessary installation equipment."

After son James became a certified installer in 2004, the company had a new source of revenue.

A smaller system takes about a day and a half to install; a larger one about four days. There is a great deal of excavation because the majority of the system is placed underground, with many pipes, tanks and a filtration unit.

"We use all three of our Bobcat track machines," Perrone says. "Without them we could not do this type of work. This is just one example of how our equipment choices have opened up new markets for us."