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Summer 2010

Texas Cattle Farmer Finds Success with Bobcat Telehandler

A V417 is the perfect machine for carrying and stacking hay bales for cattle and horses

When your machine is located more than an hour away from the nearest Bobcat dealership and there's no room for downtime, a VersaHandler® telescopic tool carrier (TTC) can be depended on for maximum productivity and reliability.

V417 TTC and bale fork

Lifting, carrying and placing round bales are simplified for Chuck Scianna, thanks to his V417 telescopic tool carrier and bale fork. Operator John Stephens says the visibility is much better than other machines that he's driven.

A V417 telehandler is just what Scianna Farms owner Chuck Scianna needed for his 500-acre cattle farm in Bellville, Texas. Scianna purchased his V417 from Bobcat of Houston three years ago because he needed a machine with more lift capacity, more reach and better maneuverability.

After careful research, Scianna was convinced the V417 — with its two-stage boom, 4,400-pound lift capacity, and greater lift height — was the best product.

"The Bobcat® machine was built better and had more features that I liked," he says. "It is a lot easier to operate with user-friendly controls and excellent visibility."

Several employees operate the V417 on the cattle farm to help move square and round bales of coastal hay to feed Scianna's cattle and horses. One of those employees is John Stephens. "We can easily move the bales with our V417 and bale fork with better visibility than a tractor, and the reach allows us to double stack the bales on the semitrailers — we can see everything," Stephens says.

Matching attachments

One of the key features that appeals to Scianna is matching select Bobcat loader attachments with his telescopic tool carrier. "I have quite a few Bobcat loader attachments that we use on the V417, such as the Brushcat™ rotary cutter, trencher, pallet fork, bale handler and root grapple," he says. More than 20 Bobcat attachments are approved for use with the V417.

Steering options

Stephens and two other employees depend on the V417 to stack bales in a barn on Scianna's property. The multiple steering modes — especially the crab steering — enable them to maximize their productivity. "The crab steering is really important to us because of how we handle hay," Scianna says. "It allows us to get right up against the walls inside the barn — you can't do that with anything else."

A V417 from Bobcat is the perfect machine to complement Scianna's compact equipment and his larger farming machinery, and because of the tool carrier's attachments, his operators get more work done in less time and they do it more efficiently.

Visit the V417 page to find product specs, check compatible attachments, and see pictures of the V417 telescopic tool carrier.

Forestry package aids land clearing on the ranch

In addition to his cattle ranch, a Bobcat® T300 equipped with the forestry package helps Chuck Scianna with his land-clearing projects. He purchased the T300 with the forestry cutter attachment to remove unwanted trees on his properties, which it does much faster than previous methods. Scianna says the machine replaced a crew of workers and, with a root grapple attachment, he can pick up any remaining pieces and pile them to be burned. "The rubber track undercarriage eliminates any flat tires and keeps us on schedule," Scianna says.

Read more about this powerful attachment on the forestry cutter page.