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Summer 2010

Doing More with Less

City benefits from versatility of Toolcat 5600, loader and attachments

Toolcat 5600

The City of Cherry Hills Village public works department completes projects with its Toolcat 5600 and S160 rather than outsourcing them — and saves money doing so. Shown here is the 5600 with a front-mounted bucket and sprayer attachment in the cargo box.

The City of Cherry Hills Village, Colo., is a residential community of 6,000 residents that has successfully paired a Toolcat™ 5600 utility work machine with a Bobcat® skid-steer loader and a number of attachments — many of which work on both machines — to minimize equipment needs and costs.

Jay Goldie, public works director says, "As a small city we need a few pieces of equipment that can do as much work as possible, while keeping expenses down. I believe we have accomplished that with this equipment.

"We are a little more rural than you expect to see inside a metro area," Goldie says. "Most homes are set on 1- to 2½-acre lots. The work we do in public works, which includes both the parks and streets departments, is different than many other communities."

Goldie was hired six years ago to start the parks department when the city exited from the South Suburban Parks and Recreation District. One of his first assignments was to evaluate equipment options.

"Although it was relatively new at the time, the Toolcat 5600 caught my attention," he recalls. "The versatility it offered is unmatched. I thought it would fit the bill, and it really has."

Maximum value

Cherry Hills Village also purchased a number of Bobcat attachments from Bobcat of the Rockies to maximize the value of the utility work machine: auger, angle broom, dozer blade, mower, pallet forks, snow blade, sprayer and spreader. Except for the sprayer and spreader, all can be used on the S160 skid-steer loader the city also owns. In addition, a digger, hydraulic breaker and stump grinder were bought for the loader.

"The number of attachments Bobcat has available is very important," Goldie says. "That many could be used with both machines was a major selling point. With our equipment lineup, we can do just about everything that needs to get done ourselves."

The city has 25 miles of equestrian trails that run between the backyards of homes, with a 4-foot-tall split rail fence on each side. At times the 5600 is used for mowing; more often it is used with the auger attachment for fence repair. "It will carry a day's worth of fencing material for two guys to go out and do spot repairs," Goldie says. "They replace a section, then move on to another area."

From time to time the utility work machine is called on to load mulch into small trucks and clean up after street repairs on construction sites and parking lots.

He points out that the city council always has been good about getting him the equipment to do what the community wants at the lowest possible cost. "That's why we have been using all this Bobcat equipment to do as much as possible ourselves. The Toolcat 5600 and the S160 are a couple of workhorses that get used all the time."

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