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Summer 2010

Bobcat Tractor Is First Choice on Martha's Vineyard

A Bobcat CT335 brings time-saving efficiency to landscape jobsites

Gordon Ponte

Gordon Ponte serves his customers' landscape maintenance needs on Martha's Vineyard from the comfort of his new Bobcat CT335; with optional enclosed cab for optimal operating conditions.

When Gordon Ponte purchased a compact tractor last year, he figured it would be a nice complement to his equipment lineup. Turns out it became a very valuable, time-saving addition that is often his preferred machine.

His company — Gordon's Services and Landscaping — specializes in property maintenance in Oak Bluffs, Mass., located on the island of Martha's Vineyard. He mows grass, sweeps streets, plows snow, grades roads, renovates driveways and performs other work for homeowner associations, individual residents and several commercial sites.

For many years Ponte relied on a Bobcat® 753 skid-steer loader and ride-on mowers to do these jobs. Last fall, after evaluating other brands of compact tractors, he purchased a CT335 from Bobcat of Boston South, located in Bourne, Mass.

"It was the best value," he says. "Compared to the competition, the Bobcat tractor was more machine for less money. My long-term satisfaction with my Bobcat loader, especially its reliable performance, certainly influenced my decision to buy another Bobcat product."

Since taking delivery of the CT335, Ponte quickly made it his machine of choice for many projects. Mowing grass fields located in the common areas adjacent to the waterfront properties had long been a time-consuming job.

"I used a pair of 50-inch ride-on mowers for several years," he says. "I purchased the 72-inch Bobcat finish mower with the tractor and reduced a 4-hour job to 2½ hours. This type of efficiency allows me to maintain my prices. Not only can I do the work faster, but I don't have to hire someone to operate my other mower. Plus, instead of sitting on a mower in the hot sun with it kicking up dirt and dust, the comfortable, enclosed air conditioned cab is really nice."

The cab heater is welcome in the winter when Ponte uses the CT335 for snow removal. "Year-round, the tractor is my first choice."

"I purchased the 72-inch Bobcat finish mower with the tractor and reduced a 4-hour job to 2½ hours."

— Gordon Ponte

The 1,300-pound lift capacity of the front-end loader is more than sufficient for Ponte's needs. "I can go into a pile of pea stone or soil, load the bucket and transport it to the jobsite very efficiently," he says.

"Homeowners see what I do with the tractor and often hire me for their own projects. The island is small, so it is easy to get noticed working with the CT335, especially because I can drive from job to job. The compact tractor is the perfect fit for where my business is today."

To learn more about Bobcat compact tractors, visit the compact tractor page. You can customize your own with the Bobcat Build & Quote feature, accessible on the tractor page in the buying tools section.