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Summer 2010

Bobcat Pause

From our readers

We have owned a Bobcat® loader for more than 30 years. It has made doing things around the farm a lot easier, including feeding the cattle every day. When we bought our land, we used the Bobcat loader and attachments to do many tasks, from building fences to removing trees and clearing land. After we built our house, we did all the landscaping. We use it to clean the pens and barns, to load manure and to spread manure on the fields. In the winter we use it to move snow here and in parking lots for businesses in the area. We are very happy with our Bobcat equipment. We have tried a lot of others, but Bobcat works out the best for us.

Robert Cheney and Marge Topley

CT Farms

Motley, Minn.

I have owned Bobcat skid-steer loaders since the early 1990s, and I am very satisfied with them and my local dealership — Craig Taylor Equipment Company. Alaska is a country with highly variable seasons and it's vital to do good work with good machinery, which is why we depend on our Bobcat loaders. I take satisfaction in telling folks here about the durability and dependability of Bobcat products. Also, WorkSaver® magazine is a very useful publication that we always look forward to receiving.

John Nystrom

Nystrom Service

Palmer, Alaska

T650 Commpact track loader

Many employees of Bobcat Company volunteered their time to help neighbors and friends build sandbag levees to protect their homes this past spring, with several using equipment donated by the company. Here, employee Jeremy Holck uses an M-Series T650 compact track loader to deliver a pallet of sandbags to a levee in a South Fargo neighborhood. As a guide, the Army Corps of Engineers provided survey stakes indicating last year's record 40.9-foot crest.

What's missing?

You may notice that we don't have any recipes in this issue of WorkSaver magazine. We're a little limited on space this issue, and we need some great new recipes from you to feature in upcoming issues. Send your recipes to us via e-mail at and we may publish yours in the next issue.