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Early Fall HOWA 2010

Ready to buy your first tractor?

Contact your local Bobcat dealer first for some advice

John Cantwell

John Cantwell, sales specialist

Buying a new compact tractor doesn't have to be stressful. In fact, a Bobcat sales specialist will make the process simple for you, helping you match the right type of tractor to your property and projects.

Sales specialist John Cantwell says the key is to make sure you've got the right size of tractor for your application.

"The first thing I ask prospective customers is how big their property is and what they will do with the tractor," Cantwell says. "Then I ask them about specific implements, such as a bucket to haul dirt, a mower or rotary cutter to clear their land or a box blade for light grading. Once I know their answers to these basic questions, I can fit the horsepower and implements to their particular needs."

More and more product features and specifications are online today to make the process easier. Cantwell says this helps his customers with some initial research before they come into the store, and once they do, he's ready to help them finalize their decision. "My customers know a lot about Bobcat® tractors before they come into the store," he explains. "They know about the durability and reliability of Bobcat products and features like the loader's joystick control and hydrostatic transmission."

After you've purchased your tractor, it's important to inquire about the regular maintenance intervals. "I let my customers know the hour intervals for service needs," Cantwell says. "Our dealership has the filters, fluids and parts that customers need and a well-trained staff to make sure it's done correctly."

Check out the tractor buying tools online, including the Build & Quote feature to customize your own tractor and options. Visit the tractor page for more details.

Bobcat Company reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design, and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing at any time without notice or obligation.