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Fall 2010

A300s Conquer the Snow in Western Canada

Snow removal is a snap for British Columbia company with Bobcat all-wheel steer loaders

All-wheel steer loader with snowblower

All-wheel steer loader with snowblower

When it's snow season, you need comfortable and dependable compact equipment that works in tight areas. Capilano Highway Services' success hinges on Bobcat® loaders and attachments to remove snow - even during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler, British Columbia.

Project manager Scott Drummond says the company leased seven additional Bobcat A300 all-wheel steer loaders and purchased multiple attachments, including blowers, v-blades and spreaders - all from Surfwood Supply - to remove snow at the Whistler Olympic Park. The company already owned two A300s and multiple Bobcat attachments.

A tall order

"There were approximately 260 trailers at the Olympic Park and we had to get the snow off the top of them," Drummond says. "We had laborers on top, pushing the snow off, and Bobcat loaders on the ground to remove the snow. They got in and around all these trailers in really tight areas. Our A300s carried the snow and loaded it into trucks or into a snow melter on-site."

In the remote vehicle screening area, an A300 was paired with three Bobcat attachments to do a full-service snow removal job.

"We operated an A300 with a v-blade, snowblower and hydraulic spreader, to clear snow and spread sand in an area where space was very limited," he says. "With the hydraulic spreader on the A300, we simply drove into a sand pile, filled the spreader and used it to spread sand around the trailers at Whistler Olympic Park. Without the spreader, we would have done it manually."

Downsizing pays off

Before purchasing its first Bobcat A300, Capilano Highway Services employees used larger loaders and backhoes for snow removal. New opportunities required smaller machines.

"We started removing snow for hotels, getting into really tight areas. We found that the A300 is ideal for that kind of work. It has the power of a bigger machine with the ability to work in limited spaces. And we don't damage surfaces like bigger equipment."

Snowblower attachments coupled with the A300's high-flow hydraulics provide a superior means for removing snow at apartment buildings, hotels and businesses where space is a premium.

Minimal tire wear

Drummond says the all-wheel steer function saves the company significant money in fewer tire replacements.

"Our tires on the A300s last at least three years, whereas we were replacing tires on our skid-steer loaders twice a year," he says. "It's an amazing difference, and we benefit from it with our paving business, too."

Curtis Paving is the company's road maintenance division, and employees replaced another skid-steer loader brand with an A300 a few years ago. The all-wheel steering saves on tires, while the exceptional lifting capacity and reach is ideal for loading trucks.

Exceptional dealer service and reliable, cost-saving Bobcat equipment ensures snow removal and road maintenance projects get done on-time and to the customers' satisfaction.

Visit the A300 page to learn more about the benefits of the exclusive Bobcat all-wheel steer loaders.

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