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Fall 2010

Bigger, Tougher and More Powerful Than Ever

Two new M-Series loaders top Bobcat skid-steer and compact track loader lineup


S850 loading an articulated dump truck

The Bobcat® compact loader family is expanding again with the addition of the M-Series S850 skid-steer loader and the T870 compact track loader, the largest compact track loader Bobcat has ever manufactured.

The S850 and T870 have vertical lift paths and offer industry-leading lift heights of 144 inches. Both machines provide operators with more powerful auxiliary hydraulics for attachment operation, increased fuel capacity, increased reach, and more pushing power through increased engine horsepower and machine weight.


Fifty years ago, Bobcat introduced the world's first skid-steer loader. Since then, Bobcat has developed a variety of models and sizes to meet customer requirements. Today, customers need loaders that can do more than ever before, but still in a compact frame. The new S850 skid-steer loader fulfills that need with a rated operating capacity that is 17 percent higher than the current largest Bobcat skid-steer loader, the S330. The S850 is now the largest skid-steer loader in the lineup, with a rated operating capacity of 3,875 pounds.


Bobcat is introducing its largest compact track loader to-date with the new T870. Never before has there been a Bobcat compact track loader with this much power, or this much rated operating capacity.


M-Series S850 and T870 loaders have advantages over other machines with unmatched lift heights. This is particularly beneficial for operators who load material into high places, such as tandem axle trucks with side boards added, hay wagons and mortar mixers. It's also helpful when stacking bales, blocks, sod or other palletized materials.

Like all the Bobcat M-Series loaders, the superior hydraulic performance enables operators to get more work done in less time. Higher standard auxiliary hydraulic flow and pressure provide attachments with more power to work more efficiently. Customers reap the benefits of stronger auxiliary hydraulics, thanks to the unique configuration of the Bobcat engine and hydraulic systems ? both on the machine and its attachments.


It can't be overstated how important uptime is in today's economy. There's little or no room for downtime for operators and their customers, which is why Bobcat places so much emphasis on machine durability and makes it easy to perform simple maintenance checks at proper intervals. One way Bobcat has improved uptime in its M-Series loaders is the re-engineered hydraulic quick couplers. These are mounted directly into the front plate of the lift arm. Quick coupler hoses run through the loader arms for improved protection, and a guard bar extends in front of the couplers for added protection.

A redesigned cooling system on M-Series loaders boosts cooling efficiency and provides increased performance. It's also easier to clean out the cooling system with an oil cooler that swings up and is held by a support bar, enabling cleaning between the oil cooler and radiator.


Getting operators into an M-Series loader isn't a problem. Getting them out might be. That's because M-Series loaders take comfort to a new level. The cab was completely re-engineered and overall cab size has been increased by 10 percent to give operators more space inside and accommodate different-sized operators.

Dirt and dust that may enter the cab have been minimized with a best-in-class pressurized cab with a new one-piece seal that goes all the way around the door and fits into a special curved pocket for an improved door seal.

M-Series loaders are also quieter than previous models (sound levels have decreased by 60 percent) with new mounts that isolate the engine from other components better. Doing so decreases vibration below and behind the operator's area, resulting in reduced sound levels.


A cab-forward design is one of the distinct visual differences between M-Series loaders and previous models. The reason for the redesign is to give operators a better view out the front and sides of the machine without sacrificing rear visibility. Operators have superior visibility to the cutting edge and corners of the bucket and a view wide enough to cover the mounting areas of other attachments.

Getting in and out of the M-Series loader has been made easier because the overall cab opening has increased by 45 percent, which is also key to improved visibility of the work area. The rear window is 14 percent larger and the top window is 43 percent larger ? a big advantage when loading a truck or using attachments with the lift arms raised.

As customer needs change over time, so do Bobcat loaders to match those requirements. The addition of the S850 and T870 show Bobcat's commitment to the compact equipment industry with top-of-the-line loaders that are durable, comfortable, versatile and reliable.

Visit the M-Series page for more information about these new M-Series loaders.


  • Rated operating capacity: 3875 lb. (1758 kg)
  • Tipping load: 7750 lb. (3515 kg)
  • Operating weight: 10,008 lb. (4540 kg)
  • Lift path: Vertical
  • Horsepower: 92 hp (68,6 kW)
  • Engine: Tier 3
  • Height: 6 ft. 11 in. (2,1 m)
  • Width with bucket: 6 ft. 8 in. (2 m)
  • Length with bucket: 12 ft. 3 in. (3,7 m)
  • Lift height to hinge pin: 12 ft. (3,6 m)
  • Low range travel speed: 7.1 mph (11,4 km/hr)
  • High range travel speed (two-speed standard): 12.3 mph (19,8 km/hr)
  • Auxiliary hydraulic flow: 23.8 gpm (87,1 L/min)
  • High-flow option: 37.4 gpm (140 L/min)
  • Bobcat Standard Controls with Power Assist: Standard
  • Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC): Available


  • Rated operating capacity: 3525 lb. (1508 kg)*
  • Tipping load: 10072 lb. (4309 kg)
  • Operating weight: 12,678 lb. (5751 kg)
  • Lift path: Vertical
  • Horsepower: 99.2 hp (73,9 kW)
  • Engine: Tier 3
  • Height: 6 ft. 11 in. (2,1 m)
  • Width with bucket: 7 ft. 1 in. (2,2 m)
  • Length with bucket: 12 ft. 10 in. (3,9 m)
  • Lift height to hinge pin: 12 ft. (3,6 m)
  • Maximum travel speed: 7.2 mph (11,6 km/hr)
  • Auxiliary hydraulic flow: 23.8 gpm (90,1 L/min)
  • High-flow option: 37.4 gpm (141.6 L/min)
  • Ground pressure (standard): 4.7 psi (32,4 kPa)
  • Roller Suspension™ system: Standard
  • Bobcat Standard Controls with Power Assist: Standard
  • Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC): Available

* With Roller Suspension system

Did you know?

Vertical lift path
  • One out of every two compact track machines is made by Bobcat.
  • The S850's rated operating capacity is 17 percent higher than the S330.
  • Industry leading lift height of 12 feet (144 inches)
  • Vertical lift path: Higher lift, more capacity and reach at maximum height.

NEW: Standard Controls with Power Assist

Standard Controls with Power Assist

Bobcat® S850 and T870 loaders are equipped with Standard Controls with Power Assist to help handle the bigger, heavier and more powerful machines. Steering control handles initiate forward and reverse drive motions while foot pedals still control lift, arm and bucket functions. Operators will appreciate the steering handles, which help minimize fatigue by significantly lowering lever effort forces.

Features previously available only with Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC) can now be utilized with the new controls. They include horsepower management, speed management, drive response and drift compensation — all of which were previously only available with SJC — to enhance loader efficiency. Read more about these loader control features and their benefits on the loader page.

NEW: Forestry application kit

Forestry Application Kit

A new forestry application kit is available for select M-Series loaders ? the new S850 and T870 models ? for land-clearing and site preparation applications. The kit is required for loaders that operate the Bobcat® forestry cutter attachment, for machine and operator protection. Two forestry cutters are available, in 50- and 60-inch widths, to quickly and selectively remove unwanted trees and brush, and there's no debris to clean up afterwards. Additionally, the mulch left behind slows new growth.

Visit the training page to watch a forestry cutter maintenance training video. Refer to the operation and maintenance manual for additional details about properly operating and maintaining your Bobcat forestry cutter attachment.

Forestry application kit components:

  • Forestry door (3/4-inch laminated polycarbonate)
  • Polycarbonate top, rear and side windows
  • Front and rear light guards
  • Hydraulic quick-coupler guard
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Level II FOPS (meets ISO 3449)
  • Debris screen for radiator
  • Muffler guard
  • Engine compartment seal kit that includes a tailgate seal and special boots that wrap around lift cylinders

For more information about the forestry cutter, visit the forestry cutter page.

Bobcat Company reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design, and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing at any time without notice or obligation.