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Fall 2010

Panel Upgrades Provide Additional Communication and Monitoring Features

New features offered for M-Series loaders with optional deluxe instrumentation panel

Deluxe Instrumentation Panel

Deluxe Instrumentation Panel

Available now, Bobcat® M-Series loaders with the optional deluxe instrumentation panel have more job-enhancing features to improve operator productivity. The new panel monitors key loader functions, communicates alerts and provides additional attachment information to track usage.

Deluxe instrumentation has been available to Bobcat loader customers for many years. These are new features available only in M-Series skid-steer and compact track loaders and only with the deluxe instrumentation panel upgrade.

Display panel

A new 5-inch, full-color LCD screen provides better readability and interaction. The operator can quickly interpret the loader's diagnostics from an easy-to-read virtual sweep gauge. The display panel monitors 14 major loader functions and provides troubleshooting suggestions. A text description tells when a warning occurred and can be set to show which operator was assigned to the machine.

Enhanced attachment details

New M-Series deluxe instrumentation has descriptions of many Bobcat attachments, and select attachments can communicate with the deluxe instrumentation for improved productivity. They include laser-guided graders, laser-guided box blades, wheel saws, tree spades and planer attachments. Additionally, a job clock associated with the attachment screen monitors the attachment usage.

Laser-guided attachment improvements

With the laser-guided attachments, operators can make minor grade adjustments without leaving the cab ? they can make an adjustment on the screen to adjust to the desired grade. Operators can monitor the attachment, receivers and transmitter on the LCD screen, making them more productive.

Tree spade attachment operators can monitor active blades and gates and change auto-dig and easy dig settings. The new instrumentation also keeps track of the number of trees dug with a counter on the spade.

Another attachment that benefits from the new panel is the planer, including the 18-, 24- and 40-inch models. A cumulative hour meter and two resettable job clocks can monitor the planer's cutting bit life to help the operator know when to replace bits.

Service code improvements

Changes to the service code history screens give the operator more detailed information on codes that have been activated. The operator may press the number corresponding to that code for additional data. Details display the error code, description, hour it was created and it can be set to show who was operating when the code occurred. Dealer contact information can be programmed in the service interval screen too, so operators have an easy way to contact a service representative.

Deluxe instrumentation panel features:

  • Password-protected keyless start: eight customizable security codes for different operators
  • BobCARE PMSM screen: scheduled maintenance reminders
  • Activity monitor: logs machine use by operator
  • Functional lockout: restricts operators from certain functions to protect the loader
  • Digital time clock
  • Resettable job clocks

For more information about deluxe instrumentation for Bobcat loaders, visit the deluxe instrumentation panel page.

Laser-guided grader advantages


Learn more about the cost-saving advantages of Bobcat laser-guided grader attachments at the Bobcat website. Visit to see pictures and watch videos of how the laser-guided grader works. Product specialist Justin Odegaard narrates the video walkaround for the 7-, 8- and 9-foot models available from Bobcat.

Read about Bobcat customers who have saved money from investing in the laser-guided grading attachments. Scroll down the grader page to find customer testimonials that previously appeared in WorkSaver® magazine.

Upgrades available

If you already own a Bobcat M-Series loader without deluxe instrumentation, contact your local dealership to inquire about upgrading.

Bobcat Company reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design, and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing at any time without notice or obligation.