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Fall 2010

Planers Pave the Way for Higher Productivity

New Bobcat 14-inch standard-flow, and 18- and 24-inch high-flow planer attachments now available

Planer attachment

New Bobcat planer attachments have more torque and horsepower for improved productivity.

A new standard-flow planer, and two new high-flow planer attachments are now available for Bobcat® skid-steer, compact track and all-wheel steer loaders with high-flow auxiliary hydraulics, including the new M-Series S850 skid-steer loader and T870 compact track loader. The 18- and 24-inch cutting width models have increased torque and horsepower to do more work in the same amount of time.

Performance increase

The three new Bobcat planer attachments have new motors that provide significantly better performance ? as much as 30 percent more productivity. A boost in torque and horsepower enables operators to accomplish more work in the same amount of time ? without sacrificing quality. That helps them move onto the next job faster.

Increased downforce

The Bobcat planer attachments have increased downforce to help the operator keep the planer within the cutting path at a consistent depth ? 0 to 6 inches ? to improve performance and the quality of the project. This feature also minimizes vibration transmitted to the loader for improved operator comfort and less fatigue. Fingertip controls in the loader cab manage hydraulic cylinders to raise and lower the independent adjustable skis on high-flow models.

Consistent cuts

Unique to Bobcat planers, the cutting wheel oscillates side to side to provide optimum surface tracking as the loader travels across uneven pavement. Planer ski contact is maintained across uneven surfaces, resulting in a consistent depth. Other planers may permit one ski to come off the ground and disrupt the cut depth, leading to inefficiency from having to re-cut.

Improved visibility

Visibility to the work area is critical for efficient planer operation. The left ski is now visible to the operator, which allows the planer to be kept closer to the center of the loader and makes it easier to control the path of the machine. A hydraulic side shift feature permits the operator to mill outside the width of the carrier, working close to walls and curbs. Remove the right ski and end plate to mill flush against walls with no further cleanup work required.

Planer attachment advantages

Bobcat planer attachments have many advantages over dedicated planers for asphalt and concrete repairs. Mounted to a Bobcat loader, these attachments are more maneuverable and can work in areas too small for dedicated planers. Planer attachments are typically much less expensive to maintain than a dedicated unit. And for busy road construction projects, they can be operated with the loader in a single lane instead of extending into a second lane and disrupting traffic.

Visit the planer attachment page to find product specifications, pictures and additional details about compatible models.

In addition to the 14-inch standard-flow planer and the 18- and 24-inch high-flow models, Bobcat offers a 40-inch high-flow planer. Find more details about these on the planer attachment page.

Planer training course kit

Take advantage of the Bobcat Planer Attachment Training Course Kit to properly instruct new operators or help current operators stay up to date on safety and operating procedures. The course teaches operators the importance of pre-operating inspections, periodic maintenance, attaching and removing the planer from the loader, safely operating a planer, transporting a planer and more. Video clips illustrate some of these important points.

Visit your local dealer or the training page to order your planer attachment training course.

Bobcat Company reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design, and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing at any time without notice or obligation.