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Fall 2010

Exclusive: Head-to-Head Excavator Comparisons

See why Bobcat excavators are the best-built machines in the industry today

Bobcat Advantage website

Bobcat Advantage website

Never before has there been a website where visitors can watch Bobcat® compact excavators go head-to-head with four other compact excavator manufacturers. The Bobcat Advantage website features 17 short video segments showing Bobcat excavators performing against the likes of Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu and Kubota. See how specs on paper don't always translate to actual performance and how ? when put in real applications ? Bobcat compact excavators outperform the competition.

In addition to performance, videos highlight serviceability, comfort, uptime protection and the overall quality in manufacturing. After one watches these videos, it's clear that Bobcat compact excavators are simply better than other compact excavators.

Bobcat Advantage results

Bobcat Advantage results


Bobcat tested its M-Series excavators in the most popular 3½-ton and 5-ton weight classes against similar competitive models and saved these compelling results in video segments that can be viewed by anyone with access to the Web. The goal: to show users how Bobcat stacks up against the competition in simple, easily reproducible tests. Tests included digging, backfilling, lifting, traveling, servicing and attachment readiness, just to name a few. The results are impressive. Minor differences can translate into significant production differences at the end of the day.

Not only do the tests show the differences between the manufacturers, they quantify how much more work you are going to get done in a day with the Bobcat excavators.

Sometimes it's easy to read a spec sheet or a piece of literature and compare excavators on paper. The real test, though, comes when two machines work in a real application and you see how they perform. Some features, like the in-track swing frame on Bobcat excavators, can best be seen on video.

The results: Bobcat excavators shine

The results are clear ? Bobcat compact excavators are simply the best excavators available today. Don't take our word for it, though. Visit the site and watch how Bobcat excavators are stronger, out dig, out lift, move more material, drive faster and are easier to service than all other brands.

Visit the Bobcat Advantage page today to watch the video clips and decide for yourself if Bobcat compact excavators are indeed the best in the industry.


Watch these 17 short video clips at Bobcat Advantage

  1. Attachment readiness
  2. Backfill challenge
  3. Boom advantages
  4. Clamp comparison
  5. Digging challenge
  6. Cab entry comparison
  7. Horsepower challenge
  8. Hose routing comparison
  9. Hydraulic X-Change advantages
  10. Keyless start
  11. Lifting challenge
  12. Made in the USA
  13. Multi-functioning advantages
  14. Serviceability comparison
  15. Slew challenge
  16. Travel challenge
  17. Trenching performance

Bobcat Company reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design, and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing at any time without notice or obligation.