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Fall 2010

A First Look at the New Bobcat Utility Vehicles

Read what two utility vehicle customers have to say about them

Shortly after the Bobcat® New Breed utility vehicles made their debut, we interviewed some of the first customers to get their impressions of the vehicles. Here's what two Bobcat 3400 utility vehicle owners had to say.

Norm Nadeau
Augusta, Maine

After 31 years of driving a concrete truck, Norm Nadeau retired, but wasn't the type to just sit around. Nadeau purchased a Bobcat excavator from Jordan Equipment and started a contracting business, doing light construction projects for area residents. His company is called Nadeau's Ground Works.

Nadeau's familiarity with the Bobcat brand played a significant part in his recent purchase of a new 3400 utility vehicle.

"When I received WorkSaver® magazine in the mail, the utility vehicle caught my eye," he says. "I called my dealer and they didn't have one yet, but as soon as they did, I drove it and bought it."

Nadeau replaced a four-wheeler with a new Bobcat 3400 because the four-wheeler was becoming increasingly difficult for him to drive.

"After I broke my wrist, it was very hard to control the four-wheeler," he explains. "After 15 minutes, I couldn't move my hand because of the pain in my wrist, so I decided to trade up for a better machine with a steering wheel. My wife and I test drove the Bobcat 3400 on local trails and agreed that it was very easy to handle and was very comfortable. Our first trip out was a 60-mile vigorous trail ride to Bull Dog Camps in Jackman, Maine. The Bobcat 3400 handled perfectly."

When Nadeau isn't working, he's likely at his 6-acre camp in Greenville, Maine, enjoying the outdoors. The 3400 is useful for transporting firewood in the cargo box and for long trail rides with his friends.

Scott Fredin
Windom, Minn.

Scott Fredin and his brother Jeff operate J & S Grazing, and a Bobcat utility vehicle is an integral part of their operation. Scott upgraded from a dependable 10-year-old Bobcat utility vehicle to a more robust 3400. He keeps the vehicle busy in the pastures, driving it daily to check on the cattle, and he hauls salt and minerals in the cargo box.

"I decided it was time to move up to a utility vehicle with a bigger engine with more power and a bigger cargo box," Fredin says. "I plan to use a 50-gallon sprayer in the cargo box and I need more power to get up and down the hills."

"It's a lot handier and quicker than driving a pickup truck, and it's a lot better going around hills and over rocks," he says.

Fredin purchased the utility vehicle from his local Bobcat dealer, GDF Enterprises.

"I would highly recommend the Bobcat utility vehicle to anyone; for work or for personal use," he says. "I plan to use it for hunting this fall and it's a good way to get down to the river to go fishing with my 9-year-old son."

Visit the utility vehicle page for more information.

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